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Top Reasons And Benefits Of Going For Third Party Telecom Maintenance Services

Regardless of the technological advancement, the storages and servers are not guaranteed to work for lifetime without posing any issues. Such failures may be harmful for the company’s overall reputation and can interrupt your clients’ interaction as well as company’s operations.

So, it is important to consider your maintenance options and recovery plans before any such issues arise. Many people have a common myth that OEM works best for off-warranty service contracts.

However, the reality is different. Want to know how? Well, check out some of the following reasons for choosing third party service providers over OEM and you will definitely know the difference.

Top Quality Services at Reasonable Price

Let’s take an example of a car to understand this reason well since servicing IT equipment sounds similar to car maintenance. If your car is getting repaired under a warranty, then it is obvious that you would opt for the dealer to perform the work.

However, for normal routine maintenance, you would definitely contact a skilled mechanic that will charge you remarkably less for quality works. The same scenario holds true for telecom equipment. You can reduce your monthly expenditure by 40-60% just by using a third party maintenance services instead of OEM.

Honest Assessment

Basically, the OEM’s main goal is to facilitate the sale of the new equipment and not maintaining the old one. So, by increasing the maintenance costs, they actually incentivize the companies.

On the other hand, the third party service provider’s main aim is to service Panasonic PBX system, so that it can work for as long it is possible. They don’t have any conflict of interest.

Get all your needs fulfilled in one place

Generally, third party maintenance services offer you a single entity as well as contract for multiple networks and platforms. So that, you don’t need to search for OEM contact information and warranties in order to get the services that you need.

You can save significant amount of your time by getting all the maintenance services just in one place. Plus, many of the service providers also offer you flexible contracts along with handling difficult engagements. In this way, they make service calls easy.

In case of an outage, you need to get the services quickly. The longer time it takes to find out the issue, the longer your equipment will be down. With the help of third party service providers, all your equipment is maintained under one contract making you tension free.

Well experienced professionals would quickly detect the problems and offer you the solution to get the entire infrastructure up and operational easily. Plus, preventive maintenance can also help you to avoid some critical issues allowing your company to work more efficiently and professionally.

OEM technicians can service products that they manufacture, but third party maintenance providers have the proper knowledge, skills, and experience to service many other products manufactured by several multiple manufacturers. Thus, when it comes to efficiency, third party service providers can handle your maintenance task more professionally.

To conclude, opting for third party services for your telecom equipment can be a smart choice. If you understand the above points well, you too are surely going to get the best benefits of choosing them over OEM service providers.  

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