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Some of The Most Resilient Cases For the Protection of Your iPhone

It is always the best idea to purchase a case that gives protection to your iPhone. Buying a protective cover will keep your mobile phone safe from breaking because of random drops, bumps and also from scrapes and scratches. This way, you can keep your phone’s value preserved.

iPhone is kind of an investment due to its cost and that is the reason most people prefer to protect them with a case. iPhone cases are easily available in apple stores, shopping complex and online. Mobile Mob is a great example for one of the best online mobile and accessories stores in Australia.

There are various types of iPhone covers available in the market but with different materials and purposes. Hence, it is quite important to choose a perfect yet elegant case that suits with your phone and gives it a nice appearance along with the protection. Let’s take a look at some of the varieties available for you:

  1. Otter box Guardian:

This one is a heavy-duty case             with four layers to protect iPhones from falls and other physical damages. The inner layer protects your phone from scratches and other layer has a plastic display cover. The outer covering of the case has shock-resistant and durable silicone that fits with the inner layers comfortably. It is easy to install and comes in various colors.

  1. Griffin Survivor:

It is one of the most protective types of cases that are designed with three layers. The inner layer includes a close fitting polycarbonate, integral screen protector and outer covering has robust silicon. This cover helps to protect your mobile phone from shock, rain, vibration and dirt. It has one more feature i.e. holster-style loop clip that locks the phone for more security. This clip can also become a stand that you can tilt to get a landscape mode.

  1. Cygnet Workmate:

Like otter box case, it is also a heavy duty safety case. Cygnet workmate cases come with two layered protection. Inner layer has a thick rubber with an extension of plastic back plate. For the protection of display, it further has a screen sheet. The sleek texture of the case gives a good look to your phone with a protective rugged barrier.

  1. Rain ballet:

Such cases are rugged and waterproof that help users to capture photos, receive and make calls particularly on a rainy day. The technology of intelli-filter restricts and blocks dust, rain, sweat and mud and let a clear sound to get through. It also protects your front and back cameras from scratches. Along with all these features, this case has the feature of shock resistance for additional safety.


Every iPhone requires protective covers that keep it safe from enormous damages caused due to sudden bumps, drops and cracks. They also prohibit scratches and scrapes on the screen and back side of your iPhone. As mentioned above, various types of covers in different materials like plastic, rubber, silicon, etc. are available in the market according to your needs and requirements.

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