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Learn About The Differences In The Pickleball Paddle Core

The pickleball paddles is a game, which is very much popular among children all across the globe. The core of the pickleball paddle is made using a variety of materials like graphite, aluminum, polymer, and honeycomb. Each of these materials have their own strength and weaknesses. If you are planning to purchase a kit for yourself, then you need to know about these materials and differences between them.

This article will be informative for you as here you will get a clear understanding of these materials. It will greatly help you reaching out to the best conclusion.


One of the materials making the core of the pickleball paddle is lightweight aluminum.  Aluminum based paddle is very soft as compared to graphite material. This is due to the reason that the sphere pops off slowly that offers more time to modify the round.


This is the second material used in the creation of the paddle. A big sized graphite paddle is so popular that it is also considered to be the "Jack of all trades" in the entire pickle ball industry. This material when used in the core gives an amazing blend of light in weight paddle offering the much required strength and "pop" most of the players are seeking for!!


The polymer is the recently introduced material for the manufacture of the core of paddle. It is characterized as a plastic blend that is established mainly for the manufacture of the core of pickleball. The superior quality of polymer is combined with a high grade of the composite surface and vinyl laminate to construct the paddle.

It has properties that resembles much similar to the above mentioned core materials, Graphite and Aluminum. Cores made out of polymer are considered to be the quietest and softest cores available in the market. Each and every hit with the paddle made with polymer core is quieter.

As it is made using plastic, the area is not hard.  Polymer based paddles are listed in the "Accepted" or "Quietest" category of paddles. Due to its softness, one will find that these paddles provide a large amount of control over shot positioning.


Honeycomb core is a light in weight composite core put inside the paddles of pickleball. This material becomes spongy when pressure is exerted on the side of the core. Honeycomb core when used in the construction of core behaves as the loudest of all the three types of cores as graphite, aluminum and polymer. Also, honeycomb material is considered to be the hardest amongst all the other core materials.

As pickleball is progressing as a sport, the technology making these paddles is also getting advanced. As we have seen above, there are various types of paddle core available in the market. Choosing the best among them is surely a difficult decision. There are various sports stores that offer you a different type of pickle paddles you desire at an affordable price. Learning about these materials would help you take a well-informed decision for sure!! 

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