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Effect of CBD On Depression – Know How Does It Works

There are a lot of people who experience major depressive issues across the world. According to statistical data over 17 million people in US are battling against depression. It lowers immunity levels and causes other health issues too. CBD or cannabidiol is the best natural remedy for depression, which causes less side-effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

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About CBD

CBD is one among over 200 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. Unlike other cannabinoids, it will not cause psychoactive effects. The popularity of this natural compound has increased after discovering the functioning of ECS (endocannabinoid system), which produces natural cannabinoids in the body and maintains balance.

Various research studies are being carried out to know the impact of CBD on different type of health-related issues. As of now, few research studies are carried out to treat medical conditions including pain, nausea, inflammation, anxiety, sleep, and seizures with CBD.

Does CBD help with depression?

Depression is a mental health problem that reduces spirit and interest on life related issues. In extreme cases, it leads to suicide. Depression may also trigger genetic predisposition and social as well as psychological factors. So, medical diagnosis is necessary to guide the patients with depression. Traditional treatment combines psychotherapy and antidepressants.

There are few evidences that CBD can be helpful in treating various medical conditions, but research studies are less advanced compared to epilepsy treatment. For most of them, there are only pre-clinical evidences.

CBD can help with numerous conditions as it has neuro-protective, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, and antipsychotic, anxiolytic, antiepileptic, analgesic, hypoxia-ischemia and anti-asthmatic properties.

  • According to research studies, CBD effect serotonin receptors positively, which are present in brain. Serotonin is associated with the onset of serious depressive disorder.
  • A 2014 study carried out in Brazil has shown the affect of CBD on receptors of brain. This study has showed how CBD delivers anti-depressant effects.
  • A 2019 study conducted in Mc Gill University showed how CBD modulates serotonin receptors to lower the anxiety levels in people suffering from neuropathic pain.
  • Another study carried out in 2019 has showed how CBD acts rapidly and gives long lasting results for depression.

Although, most of the results mentioned over are according to preclinical studies, there are also anecdotal evidences from the people who have used CBD to treat depression.

CBD has lower addiction and fewer side-effects than other medications. In 2018, WHO (World Health organization) declared consuming CBD is harmless for both animals and human. You can even talk to your doctor before taking CBD to know about required dosage and side-effects.

There are a lot of CBD products available on the market from tinctures to tasty gummies and much more. You can choose your favorite product to treat different type of health conditions including depression.

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