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Benefits of Using Security Tags

Nearly every retail store unfortunately has to deal with their items being stolen or unaccounted for at some point. Losing merchandise can result in losing profit. The large volumes of people continually going in and out of a store with their shopping bags can make it difficult in regards to preventing shoplifters. Most stores now have security cameras to help aid in preventing theft. But still, there is a traditional method that can help. By using security tags, retail stores may be able to cut down on the shoplifting.

Clothing is Marked

One of the main benefits of using retail security systems is that each piece of clothing is accounted for by being individually tagged. If someone were to try and shove the merchandise in a purse or coat, the tag would set off the alarm system at the front door. In turn, hopefully alerting the employees of a potential shoplifter.

It does take a little extra time and effort to put on the tags depending on the type you are using, but the benefits are unmatched. Typically, the most expensive items are the first ones to get tagged since these would be more costly if they were stolen or damaged. By carving out a little time and money to invest in tags you can take the extra steps to making sure your store is well protected.

Tags are Harder to Remove

As you may have noticed, employees at retail stores use a special kind of tool to take off the security tags when people make theirfinal purchases at the front. If you were to try and remove the tag without that particular tool, you would snag or rip the clothing leaving holes in it. This is also an added safety precaution. Sometimes shoplifters will attempt to take the tags off in the store and theneither try to wear the clothing out of the store or tuck it under their jacket bypassing the alarm system completely.By making it hard to remove the tags, it discourages people from trying to take off the tags in the first place.

As you can see, security tags or retail security tags may be the right option for your store if you are ready to reduce the amount of shoplifters attempting to steal your merchandise. You will soon see the added benefits of taking the extra time to mark your clothes with the tags when the amount of stolen items begins to steadily decline. 

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