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Bankruptcy Is Nothing to Be Ashamed of…Here Are 3 Reasons It May Be Right for You

When you are drowning in mountains of debt and creditors are calling at all hours of the day and night looking for a payment, you may be feeling stressed, overwhelmed and even a little bit scared. You want to pay off your credit cards and loans, but you barely have enough money left over at the end of each month to feed and clothe yourself, much less to make payments on past due loans. If this sounds like your current financial situation, stay calm and reach out to the bankruptcy attorneys at Stone Law Firm, LLC. While Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not for everyone, here are three reasons it may be right for you:

Peace of Mind

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most efficient way to get rid of your debt. If you don’t have a lot of large assets that you want to keep, such as a home or vehicle, then a Chapter 7 can wipe out all of your dischargeable debts, which are basically all debts except for student loans, certain tax debts, child support or alimony payments, court fines and penalties and other similar debts. If you’re tired of stressing about how you’re going to afford to put food on your table, pay rent and pay back part of your loans each month, stop stressing and achieve peace of mind by filing for Chapter 7.

Stop Creditor Harassment

Once the attorneys at Stone Law Firm, LLC help you file your bankruptcy petition, creditors can no longer contact you. Part of your stress likely stems from the continual stream of harassing phone calls from collection agencies. Despite the fact that you have likely informed them about your financial situation, they still call and, worse yet, they contact your friends and loved ones to get to you. If you’re tired of waking up to yet another creditor asking you to make a payment you cannot afford, bankruptcy can help.

Get a Fresh Start

Without any debt weighing you down you can finally start putting money away and forming sound financial habits. Use this opportunity to start a debt free life, one in which you live within your means, have money saved for a rainy day and no longer have to stress about how you’re going to eat and make monthly payments towards your credit cards. Chapter 7 is your chance to start over, so use it wisely.

If you’re tired of being weighed down by a pile of debt, want to stop creditor harassment and just want to be able to live in financial comfort, Chapter 7 may be right for you. Talk to Stone Law Firm, LLC, One of the most reputedbankruptcy attorney in Columbia, South Carolina.

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