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Avoid Shipping Mistakes To Give The Customers The Best Value For Their Money

Small businesses often prefer to go for cheap shipping to save money. However, their cost efficiency may lead to shipping mistakes. Are you a small business entrepreneur? Are you considering cheap shipping to Alaska? Are you worried about shipping mistakes? The good news is that you can easily avoid shipping mistakes if you identify them correctly.

Most common shipping mistakes and tips to avoid them

  1. 1.      Packaging mistakes

You have to make sure that the packing dimensions are not neglected. The shipping price may vary depending upon the height, length, width and height. The products should be packed in space saving packets to reduce the costs.

If the packets are not securely packed, then they may get damaged during shipment. The best way to avoid this mistake is by leaving the job with a packaging professional or by consulting with a professional packager.

Another packaging error is mislabeled packaging. The weight and size of the package must be labeled correctly. The delivery may be stopped if the details on the label are incorrect. To avoid this error make sure that you double check the label.

Neglecting the regulations of packaging is another mistake. For example, some countries do not allow wooden crater packages because of risk of pests. You should know all packing regulations laid by the country to which you are shipping your products.

  1. 2.      Delayed shipment

You should make sure that you deliver the goods at the promised date. If there is any delay, the shipment will be returned back. To avoid this you should choose the best freight company that delivers the shipment promptly.

  1. 3.      Sacrificing quality

Being a small business owner, it is natural that you are looking for the cheapest way to ship to Alaskabut you should be particular that you don’t make any compromises in quality. Not all cheap shipment companies are preferable. To maintain quality, you should look for companies that provide quality service at cheap price.

  1. 4.      Wrong labeling

This is one of the most common shipping errors. Wrong addresses will lead to return of the shipment. You have to send the shipment again after correcting the address error. This doubles the shipment cost. You should make sure that there are no errors in the address. A single wrong number in zip code can turn out to be an expensive mistake.

  1. 5.      Delay made by shippers

Sometimes the shippers do not deliver the shipment within the stipulated time. If the shipper has agreed to refund charges for late deliveries, you should make sure that your shipment is audited.

  1. 6.      Wrong choice of shipping company

This is another common mistake. This can affect you very much. Go for the best shipping company after doing a proper research.

Do you want to go for the best option? One of the best options is American Fast Freight, Inc. They provide best quality services in forwarding, protection of goods in all steps of shipment. They are the perfect solution for all your shipment needs. Visit their website and contact them. You are assured of nothing less than the best. 

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