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Well, folks, it was bound to happen!  Everyone's new favorite website -second to RedGage, of course ;) - has become a center for discussions of all kinds!  My favourite Zurker thread to date concerns the development of an official site Zurktionary.  What I've posted below are excerpts, primarily from my own contributions :)  To enjoy more of this rapidly-growing collection of Zurk slang, click here: 

Better yet, do yourself a favour and join Zurker already! ;)

The site is currently accepting new members by invitation only so I will post my referral link here for you: 

If you've been living under a rock and still don't know what Zurker is, you may be interested in reading my introductory blog "You've Got to Be Zurking!".  It can be found here:

I love hanging with my CoZurkers -Paul
Awesome! -Cineman

Yes, CoZurkers!
I vote that this one become part of the official zurktionary-Soulosphere
Zurktionary!  I love it -Paul

Today I thanked a friend for being "such a zurk", does that count? -Soulosphere

I just connected with Soulosphere who is now part of my inner zurkle -Paul
We should have thought of this game zurkades ago! -Soulosphere

When something is so good that it can't be zurked quickly enough, it's considered zurkissimo (with a rolling r for greater effect)! -Soulosphere
Zurk alors! C'est fantastique! -Suffolk Jason

I've just checked the site membership statistics and, so far, 9,671 people have run away with the zurkus-Soulosphere

Zurkosphere -Debi-Jene
Zurkosphere! You just KNOW that you've got my vote on that one! -Soulosphere

Zurkers who prove themselves more faux, than friend, might be known as zurkonia -Soulosphere

zurkage, which rhymes with collage, is the art of maintaining balance between Zurking and other activities ;) -Soulosphere


zurkophobia is a newly-discovered affliction expected to create panic amongst owners of non-Zurker social media platforms -Soulosphere

!!! :) very good worth a bunch of zurks! -Owlspook


To be continued...



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