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RedGage Free Foto Fix Faerie


Welcome to the Home

of the

Free Foto Fix Faerie!

A number of you have written to me requesting information about the flight path of the Foto Faerie or, more specifically, hints on how to lure our faerie friend to your RedGage Gardens.  Today, I've decided it is time to make more formal introductions...

The Free Foto Fix Faerie was born of my love of gift-giving and surprising others, my passion for art, and the desire to promote my online presence and creative services in a way that feels fun and rewarding for all.

Perhaps the first thing you should know about the Foto Faerie is that she lives here, in the little corner of RedGage to which I fondly refer as The NightGarden.  When she's not busy assisting me with my own photo magic, my favourite faerie is found flitting about RedGage...perusing profiles in pursuit of the perfect picture for a Free Foto Fix...

"How can I get one of my photos noticed?"

Though I cannot offer a secret formula for attracting the faerie to your photos, I am able to give you a few suggestions. The faerie is particularly motivated to offer her magic to photographs which depict, or reflect, what is emotionally important to the individuals who created them.  

It's also important to note that the faerie generally responds to the editing wishes she reads in your photo descriptions and/or comments section. Let's look to our most recent winner as an example:

rspears01, aka Robyn, uploaded a photo of a tender reunion between a father and daughter.

(See the full size original photograph here)

Upon discovering this image in her travels, the Foto Fix Faerie also noticed Robyn's expression of regret that she hadn't removed the laundry from the sofa before snapping the picture. The emotionally rich photograph, coupled with the mention of an editing wish,  instantly inspired the faerie to create a surprise for Robyn:

(See the full size gift photograph here)

The Free Foto Fix Faerie looks forward to making your editing wishes come true!

Sending wishes for continued inspiration and success,


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