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The First Secret

What a relief that I don't have to add any diary entries to Aria's diary. Nope this would be a prequel. This takes place before Ali disappeared so for the first time she's seen in non flashbacks since this is 2008. Well I have to say that this chick is a bitch. She was nasty to the people who were supposed to be her friends. No wonder she ended up dead since I'm sure a lot of people wanted to make her suffer.I did notice that the doll in the box looked like the doll in the story that Ali told that little boy that Hanna was babysitting. I also noticed that the spooky house had a car that said sanitarium. Could the story that Ali was telling be true? I haven't read the books but I do believe there are twins so maybe this is a hint of that being the case. I have no idea since I could be wrong. I don't even know if they call it a sanitarium anymore.Sadly Holly wasn't on and she's the reason I thought I'd watch the show in the first place. They did work in the flashback that we'd already seen where Ali and Aria catch Byron making out with Meredith in his car. Earlier Aria went to her dad's office and found her all cozy on the couch reading. That should have been a red flag right there. She came up with some lame ass reason that she wanted to read somewhere quiet. I think the library is supposed to be that kind of place only not the one around here that I've been banned from.Noel is throwing a party so all the girls get invited. He's just creepy. Anyhoo Aria isn't in a party kind of mood but Ali the total bitch pretty much forced her to go to the party. What a great friend she is. She implied that she'd tell Ella about what they saw if Aria didn't go. I have no idea what these girls saw in this chick since she's a total bitch. No wonder someone offed her. Ali decides to scare the girls. She sends them a text and has them meet her at the spooky house.Ali thought Noel was the guy in that creepy costume but she didn't seem to realize that more than one person was wearing that outfit. Hell the one she ran into at the costume store could have been Lucas since he's the one that was at the house. Not sure why he was. Since the girls managed to escape the room upstairs that they got locked into and went rushing in the front door Ali announced that they had all passed. Oh sure that makes sense make your friends since your life is in danger to prove that they are your friends.They even showed how Jenna and Ali met. They were both at the costume store. I just wonder who was there watching Ali since it looks like she was being stalked for quite some time before she went missing. Jenna knew who Ali was and she had snagged an invite to the party. Hmm I wonder about that. Since Ali wanted to be Lady G she told Jenna to get another costume but she didn't listen. I could care less about stupid Lady G. Sounds like a razor or a feminine product. Mona thought Jenna made a better Lady G. Hmm I wonder if she was buddies with Jenna before she became all mean girl since she was the outcast girl in this episode eating lunch with Lucas who wanted Ali to pay. Can't really blame them since she was a total bitch.Darrin even showed up. He brought Ashley home because she was a bit tipsy. This is before his promotion so he's a potential suspect. I still think it has to be a group behind this and there has to be at least one adult after all the shrink was paid off and most kids aren't gong to have big bucks unless they happen to be right. He was just creepy and kind of threatening even though he didn't come right out with a direct threat. It was more implied.I do wonder if Ali even did anything with the election. Spencer was so desperate to win that she asked for Ali's help. She really shouldn't have tossed the ballots in the fire since that could have had some kind of clue in it. Melissa was acting like the nice big sis but I've always found her to be a total bitch. At least it was minimal Ian on it since he just creeps me out. Melissa was totally clueless about Ali flirting with him and playing with the video camera.Oh my when Emily was dancing with Ben I saw her checking out Jenna. I wasn't the only one that noticed since Ali did too. It was like she kept track of all the secrets without sharing any of her own. She did get a voodoo doll and a note about someone watching her. She stuck the note in her box which had a doll. She put it down the doll's neck and I did notice that the doll looked like the one seen at the start when they showed the twin girls together. One stabbed the other. What if Ali does have a twin that went to a sanitarium while the other survived. Maybe that's the killer or maybe I'm reading something that just isn't there. I guess Emily was cool with Ben telling everyone that they had sex because she didn't want them to find out that she was really gay.Also Ali is the first one to get a text. She doesn't bother to tell the others about it. I am still pretty clueless about who A could be. Mona and Lucas would have a motive since Ali was horrible to them and there's Jenna who does end up getting her revenge at least on the other girls. The episode before this one did point at Jenna and oh crap I can't think of his name killing Ali but that could be wrong. Oh yes I think his name is Garrett. But I can't help but think there's more to the tension between Ali and Jenna. Was this really the first time they met?

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