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Let The Water Hold Me Down

It seems I wasn't the only one that didn't think Lucas was A's little helper since Aria didn't either. Lucas ended up using Caleb's money for betting. Yes he pulled a Brandon betting on basketball and losing four grand. So he ended up going around to shops selling his comic books to help pay back Lucas. But of course Hanna flipped out when he went to her house. She is really starting to crack. I don't really blame her for that. A was fixated on Hanna this time. I guess he/she had to get a new phone since she/he lost her old one.

Spencer and Aria end up taking the train to the city which leads to Spencer finding the place where Jenna was. She did meet this guy who knew Jenna. Sounds like he knew a very different Jenna. Sure she comes off all creepy but that doesn't mean she is to other people and it's no secret that she hates Spencer and the other girls. He seemed to like Jenna and wasn't the least bit creepy.

But before Spencer left the lady told her she had to sign in since there was a policy about visitors signing in. Luckily she got called away which gave Spencer the chance to grab the book from the time when Jenna was a patient there. It turns out that Garrett was there so it is looking very likely that he possibly killed Alison. It's no secret that Jenna hated Ali and from those flashbacks it is easy to see why since she was a nasty bitch.

I guess I'd be crying in the bathroom too if the picture of me as Homecoming Queen too. Of course I'd be wearing a ski mask with my tiara but that's just me. I guess Hanna was in there for a while since A's little helper or A was able to go into the bathroom and turn the sinks on so it overflowed. The water got Hanna's attention and she found a little boat floating in the water. So of course she got really freaked when Lucas finally showed up at her place but luckily Caleb showed up just after him although Hanna really had no reason to be freaked out by him showing up. He was wigged about stealing the money not about being A's little helper.

Maya calls Emily and pretends to be a caller but Emily catches on. She ends up getting mysterious texts. Oops it turns out that Emily wasn't the only one dating someone else. But in Maya's case the one she was dating had a penis. Maybe they could go back to have phone sex. I caught on that it was Maya first but that's because I'm really smart. I really am. No not really. I can feel myself becoming dumber by the day. I blame the lack of oxygen and the horror show that Days has become.

Mona is having a hard time since she broke up with Noel. I guess they got into a fight the night they skinny dipped. Well that's not a good sign. She ends up getting mad at Hanna because she's off in Hanna land and her secrets. I think Mona's better off without the creepy Noel. She ends up shopping and runs into Spencer after getting off the train. She even offers Spencer a sweater set. Can I have one? There's no way in hell that I'll ever be able to get cashmere at Walmart or Target.

Oh my that outfit that Mona had on was just horrible. She looked like a Fortune Teller that escaped from the loony bin. Don't even get me started on those earrings. They were just horrible. They were very long and ropy looking. Maybe she used cables to create those ugly ass things. Maybe ugly is in fashion. What do I know? I shop at Walmart. So I'm thinking the sweater set would be an improvement over that really bad outfit she was wearing.

Aria ends up going to some play with Holden. He gets the parents stamp of approval so she's allowed to go out with him. I wonder what's up with him since he seems to have a secret too. It looks like he might be cool with being used by Aria if she does something in return. He also figured out that Aria's been dating Ezra. Ezra showed up but left soon after pretending that he was sick. I guess that teacher came with Ezra as his date since he's not returning Aria's calls.

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