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A Hot Piece Of A

I guess the minion of A came back to the greenhouse while the girls were talking which freaked them out. I'm not sure why they hung around. I would have left. To make things even more confusing Lucas ends up calling this hotline where Spencer and Emily are doing the remaining two weeks of their community service. So it sounds like he's the one that was there but this person seemed more athletic than Lucas is. I could be wrong.Sure Lucas has been acting odd and it's not like I wasn't wondering at one point if it was him but now I'm thinking that he's just another person that looks guilty who will turn out to be innocent. It did seem a little odd when he showed up in the attic with Spencer who was freaked out since she realized that the picture was taken in her parents lake house.Hanna wants to throw Caleb a surprise party so she asks for Lucas's help. He's a bit off since he lost something which makes you wondering if he was talking about the phone but I think it could be something else. You never know with this show. Just when you think you have something figured out you're thrown for a loop or maybe I'm just dumb for not jumping up and saying that Lucas is A's little helper. Maybe he's just depressed that Caleb is back which means his shot at trying to woo Hanna into more than a friendship is pretty much never going to happen.I'm just not sure why Lucas and Hanna went out on the water with the boat. She said something about a banner. Maybe I'm just having a stupid moment. I think there were fireworks. I'm just confused in case you haven't noticed. Anyhoo it looks like he wants to tell her something and he was already all creepy with that call he made to the hotline which Emily answered. I was thinking he was going to commit suicide although the plan could have been to kill Hanna. I don't know.Hanna freaks out and ends up hitting Lucas with the oar so he goes overboard. Spencer and Emily are calling out to her. She ends up trying to row back to shore and falls overboard. She's able to swim to shore and seconds after she's onshore Mona and creepy Noel show up all wet. They went swimming. Hmm makes you wonder doesn't it? So who knows what happened to Lucas since A or whoever that is fished out a shoe that I'm thinking belonged to Lucas.Aria is on lock down because of the whole Ezra thing. Bryon is not a happy camper. He ends up going to see Ezra. He's a bit of a hypocrite since he's guilty of the same thing but I guess in his mind he can justify it since it was a college student instead of a high schooler. Also it's probably different when it is your kid that's involved with a teacher. It doesn't really help that the two actors are the same age which kind of decreepifies any creepiness that should be there in this kind of situation.Ella and Bryon decide to take Aria out to dinner. No idea where Mike is. I guess he's hiding in the closet this week. They run into Ezra so they end up leaving. Uh Bryon that's going to happen since you can't avoid that unless you plan on moving to another town. At least he isn't calling the cops. Ella talked him out of that because she didn't want to make things worse for Aria. It was weird when Aria asked Ella if she liked Ezra. I'll admit it that I thought Ella and Ezra could have been cute together when she was separated from Byron. She was seeing something even though they never mentioned the who.At least now Aria knows about the door that allows her to get out. But she'll probably have to bribe Mike when he's around so he'll keep quiet about her sneaking out. I think she should buy a cheap cellphone so she can call Ezra since she's thinking that Byron might start checking her phone to see who she's calling. Byron even made her change her outfit while I was just fixated on the big ass bug around her neck. What about that Byron? A bat is cute while a bug not so much.While Aria and her parents were out they ran into a friend of the family with his son. So once again someone from soap land shows up since Antony was on Days as Johnny Corelli. Aria uses this to her advantage since this guy and his family were there when they were in Newfoundland or whatever for that year. She claimed she called him which might lead to Ella talking Byron into easing up on the total lock down. I'm thinking she's going to use him to see Ezra. Uh I think I'm having deja vu again.Toby and Spencer are back together which is good although I wonder why he wasn't at the surprise party. They were kissing when creepy ass Garrett showed up so they hid while he was talking to Jenna on his cell. She ended up leaving town. Sadly her leaving doesn't really lower the creepy people count all that much since Garrett is creepy himself and he mentioned someone. We just know that it's a guy. The creepy couple have been fighting a lot so I'm thinking that Jenna was just using Garrett since she needed someone to be her eyes.The girls went to Caleb to see if they could get any information from the phone. It looks like the owner of the phone is no technotard like I am. If I figure something out that has to do with a computer it is strictly accidental and often I have no idea how I did whatever I did. He wasn't able to get anything except a picture. Everything else was gone and the files they did have were likely encrypted and I'm guessing they are set up to delete if someone that isn't the owner of the phone tries to get into them. So all they know is that A is possibly use the lake house as a lair.

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