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Life: a series of waves

The ocean is a beautiful place to visit and standing on a beach as the sun comes up on the east coast is a special thing. The waves come crashing in and they slide back down the edge of the sand, taking a little of this and leaving a little of that.








Life I truly feel is a series of waves and how we handle those waves will make all the difference in our life.

There are waves that we will ride to new heights, rising higher with greater success, like the surfer on that perfect wave which he always is trying to attain.

Then there are waves that no matter what we crash into the surrounding wake, only to look back and wonder why and how.

It is important to understand that life is a series of waves.  What do you use as a surf board. What keeps you a rider of the wave.  What keeps you getting back up when you get knocked down? What inspires you to carry on?

For me it is my smile and my attitude.  They keep me grounded and focused on getting back on the wave. Hey.... one thing I know after 46 years of life enjoy the wave your riding because there is another one coming that may take your feet from under you.

As a kid, I remember falling down, my legs or feet always were either to fast or to slow for the rest of me.  I sprained my ankle many times I remember, jumping and landing wrong on it.  But I always to this day hate staying down to long and looking around for someone to see me down on the ground.  I would spring back up, like a cat who ran into a glass window and just kept going like he meant to do that kind of attitude.

Don't stay down when you fall, don't dwell, don't stay mad at the wave and don't look around for someone to pick you up.  If you have that some one all the better but depend on you.  Have that spring that takes you back up to your feet.

The next wave may just be the best you ever had!

Make a difference in your life today and smile!

Till Next Time......Smile and look for that next wave!


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