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Why Ultra HD 4K TVs are Really Not So High-Tech

In the International Consumer Electronics Show, the big news this year was about the Ultra HD 4K displays. In this show, every television manufacturer had one such model in their product line-up for the year. They ranged from massive LED, LCDs to midsize OLEDs and LEDs. If you are planning to shop for an Ultra HD 4K television set, you should know why these television sets are not quite so high tech.

Why 4K?

In general, my thought is that television manufacturers introduce something only when they feel that there will be some benefit to the consumers. Even though Ultra HD seems to be a new technology, it’s not new. Modern television sets are made from big sheets of mother glass. Out of this huge piece, manufacturing companies make smaller pieces to make television sets. This means that it is easier and also affordable to make a big piece and cut the same into smaller televisions.

Now, with the advancement of manufacturing technology, most of these pieces are fully utilized. As against cutting a single piece of glass into four 42-inch 1080 Pixel LCD televisions, the whole thing can be kept as a single piece, isn’t? This means that you will have an 84-inch television. Here, when exactly the same or similar drive elements or electronics and all different bits are used, the result will be 3840x2160 pixel – 84 inches UHD TV. Why television companies are pushing to 4K resolution because they can do this easily. It is easy at least as compared to that of improving the most crucial aspects of the quality of picture like artifacts, compression, motion blur, etc.

No change in viewing distance:

In the olden periods of 480i CRT Tube television sets, people sat roughly around 9-10 feet far from their television sets for better viewing. But, modern televisions sets come with better resolutions. This means that people can watch television closer. But, no change is seen in the mindset of people. They still watch at the same distance even when they have 4K TVsin their homes. But, they can enjoy their favorite shows by sitting close to a modern television.

4K is easy to market:

Another reason is that 4K television sets are not just easy to manufacture, but they are easy to market as well. It is easy to sell UHD television sets. As it has a resolution higher than 1080 pixel, the demo also is easier, thereby making the selling also easier.

There are no standards:

This is perhaps the biggest issue associated with a UHD television. The most common standard is HDMI 1.4. This permits for an utmost of 4096x2160 pixels at 24fps. This is something that is somewhat higher as compared to the present standard. But, this is something not sufficient to do 4K 3D. It might not be enough for the manufacturers to do higher frame rates, which might not be possible to achieve.

So, for these reasons, you should actually think before you choose a 4K Television set.

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