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Why Inform Before Taking A New Job In California?

Regardless of whether you already have a new job lined up or not, you may be ready to provide your current employer with your official letter of registration. You might be surprised how many people up and quit their job on a whim without providing accurate notice. This is advised against. When at all possible, you should provide your employer with 2 weeks notice letter copy and paste  when you intend to quit your job. Why? Keep reading on for three reasons why.

Reason #1: It Is Expected

Somewhere along the line, it became the standard rule of thumb that you should always provide your current employer with at least 2weeks’ notice when you want to quit your job. No one is really sure when this unwritten rule became official or how, but it is what most companies expect. In fact, you'll find it written in many employment contracts that 2 weeks of the written and verbal notice must be provided.

Reason #2: Enough Time to Find a Replacement

Most workers perform a task that must be refilled by another or a new employee. Even if you are simply a cashier at your local Walmart, your position will likely be filled once you quit your job. Employees who quit their jobs on a whim and without notice impact many. That company must then scatter to fill all slots of a schedule. By providing 2weeks’ notice, you provide your employer with accurate and ample time to find and possibly begin to train your replacement.

Reason #3: It Helps You Secure a Good Reference

As per previously stated,2weeks’ notice when looking to quit your job has become the standard. Moreover, 2 weeks will give your current employer ample time to find a replacement for you. What does this all lead to? It leads to you likely receiving a good reference. In fact, it is common for even the best performing employees who receive a bad reference after quitting on a whim and without providing notice. So let’s say that you worked at Company A for 5 years and did a great job, are you ready to toss all that hard work down the tube because you didn't want to put in 2 more weeks’ worth of work?

Why provide the notice?

You just got three reasons why you should quit your job by providing the appropriate 2weeks’ notice. Aside from providing 2weeks’ notice, what else should you take into consideration? In addition to providing your notice in writing, you may also want to have a verbal conversation with your supervisor.

To conclude

People will remember down the road Even if your boss is not the greatest person, your peers, co-workers, and therefore the people within the company who believe you're still getting to remember you. If you allow all of sudden and hang them bent dry, you would possibly just find they are not so friendly once you run into them five years down the road. Burning bridges isn't an honest idea, especially with people that could find yourself hiring you within the future.

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