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Section 321: Key Aspects You Should Consider

These days e-commerce is flourishing. More and more online stores appear. They differ in goods they sell as well as in sizes, services, and prices. Nowadays it’s possible to buy everything you want online.

Although it seems that being a retail business owner is a rather exciting and profitable thing, there are lots of difficulties and challenges you should be ready to face. Proper freight forwarding is a key element of the successful functioning of any e-commerce firm. Shipping is a rather complicated procedure. There are lots of aspects you should take into account. Yet, the greater part of entrepreneurs tends to save as much money as possible. For those who deal with medium-weight cargo Section 321 is a perfect way out. If you still do not know what it means, the following information may be helpful for you.

Section 321 is the legislation that portrays de minimis. A de minimis shipment allows for goods valued at 800 dollars or less to be imported into the country free of taxes and duties. It sounds cool, doesn’t it? Yet, there are several aspects you should keep in mind when claiming the section:

●It does not apply to shipments from China.

These shipments are exempt from Section 301. It means you still have a perfect opportunity to import products from China to the United States without having to pay a large sum in taxes and duties outlined;

Claim only one time per day.

If you are interested in expedited shipping, you may try to claim Section 321 as many times as possible in order to get it faster. Yet, the results you are going to obtain are the opposite. You are to experience serious penalties if you claim more than once per day;

●A proper commercial invoice is a must.

All your documents should be in order. In order to avoid misunderstanding, it’s better to entrust the preparation of the documents to professionals.

Moreover, there is a list of goods that are not compatible with Section 321. It’s necessary to clarify this information while the list may be altered.

You have to keep in mind that the carrier will need to provide the section 321 goods details and paperwork to the border officer upon request. To claim the option, you are to select the needed shipment type within the ACE eManifest. Then, you need to clarify the details of the cargo.

It’s of prime importance to pick up an effectivefreight forwarder. These days there are lots of available variants you may find on the Internet. Yet, it’s necessary to keep in mind that not all of them deal with international shipping. It means they may lack knowledge on how to claim Section 321 for your e-commerce. It’s up to you to communicate with carriers and decide whether they meet your needs and desires or not.

So, it should be highlighted that you can’t ignore the issues of proper paper management. The best way to avoid possible claims and problems is to cooperate with reliable and credible logistics brokers. Competent and experienced carriers are ready to make the shipping of your cargo as convenient and smooth as possible.

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