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Preparations for Smooth Laser Hair Removal

Whether you are planning a vacation or just want to feel the very best for an event, laser hair removal could leave you with that smooth, glowing and hair-free complexion you have always wanted. But what does it  take to prepare for a procedure? And when should you start? Here are some great steps to take as you plan to go bare.

Time Considerations

It may sound drastic to start your laser hair removal treatment three months prior to the date when you would like to be hair-free, but it is ideal if you want to squeeze in all your sessions before that important date in your calendar. The treatment will help you look your very best if you think ahead this far.

How to Prepare

Stop waxing, tweezing or epilating at least two weeks prior to starting a laser treatment. This is to ensure you leave the hair follicles alone before you embark on a journey of permanent hair reduction – each session is more effective if the follicle is allowed to rest beforehand. Also hold off on tanning two weeks prior to treatment.

Remember to consider your schedule. Depending on what areas on your body or face that are undergoing laser hair removal, you may want to consider your engagements during the days that follow your procedure. Most who have permanent hair reduction only have minor or no irritations afterwards. But if you remove hair on your face you may feel a little self-conscious at work should your upper lip or chin be reddish. Ultimately, if your skin type is sensitive and you are having treatment in a highly visible place, this is the time to consider a few days off work to heal and relax your skin.

You may need to shave roughly 24 hours prior before the laser hair removal procedure. Shaving this close to your procedure can help make everything more comfortable. Instead of the laser spending time and energy burning through hair that has penetrated the surface of your skin it will instead work all of its magic on the follicle. Many people also feel shaving helps alleviate any potential discomfort stemming from permanent hair removal.

On the day you make use of the Bareskin Device, remember not to apply any lotions or creams. Shower, use soap and rinse as usual. If you are treating the area under your arms you should not apply deodorant.

Anyone who is concerned about pain – most of us are – can rest assured that the Bareskin device is not painful at all. There are gels that numb your skin and if you would like to take an Advil before you come in, that usually helps ease any discomfort as well.

Ultimately, by starting with your laser hair removal sessions a few months before your desired date to be hair-free, you give your skin enough time to rest and recover. By preparing every step of the way and consulting with your specialist you can create a comfortable permanent hair removal experience.

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