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Nose Job Recovery – Red Flags that You Be Aware of!

Rhinoplasty is known for altering the nose's shape, size, and proportion to meet a wide range of functional or aesthetic goals. Performed under general anaesthesia for about two hours, most patients can go home on the day of the procedure.

The surgeon offers a list of medications to prevent infection, manage discomfort, and ensure a fast healing process. To decrease the chances of inflammation and bleeding, please avoid the below-mentioned things.

1.Physical Intimacy

Even though it may sound strange to some, some rhinoplasty surgeons ask their patients to put physical intimacy on hold for the first three weeks following the surgery. Intense physical movements like pushing, pulling, bending, and anything that inflicts pressure can change the outcome, so be careful. You are, however, encouraged to go for light walks inside the house to prevent blood clot formation.

2.Blowing Nose

Blowing the nose becomes mandatory when you catch a cold, allergy, or flu virus. As this can be outright dangerous for people who have just undertaken rhinoplasty, you have to wash your hands daily and stay away from anyone who might be sick.

A large number of patients feel comfortable carrying a disinfectant and sanitiser so they can harm the germs in the immediate environment. Take care so you do not catch an illness during the early stages of recovery.

3.Wearing Glasses

If you have glasses, you must get them off for a few days during the entire rhinoplasty recovery. Glasses sit on the bridge of the nose and can hurt the cartilage and soft tissues. If your vision is not proper, please rely on contact lenses.

4.Strenuous Exercises

According to a professional surgeon offering nose surgery in Newport beach, ditch the gym and avoid strenuous exercises for at least four weeks post-surgery. Stay away from running, aerobics, jogging, lifting heavy weights, and high-impact walking under all circumstances.

Swimming is also off-limits. The cast placed on the nose must stay dry, after all. If you are into contact sports like football, baseball, or basketball, be prepared to stay away from them too for four to six months.

5.Drinking Alcohol or Smoking

Most plastic surgeons believe drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are high-risk activities for patients recovering from any sort of surgery. Nicotine present in cigarettes can obstruct blood flow and impede appropriate healing. On the contrary, alcohol interferes with the drugs and thins the blood, which can cause excess bleeding. So, please maintain a distance from these substances.

The experts performing cosmetic surgery for quite some time said following a rhinoplasty, you must lie in your bed with your head in an elevated position, or in other words, your head rested higher than the chest.

This reduces varied complications to a great extent. Most patients suffer from nasal blockage because of swelling or splints placed inside the nose. These splints stay for a week and are then removed professionally.

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