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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Singapore: How do I Prepare for Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Anyone can benefit from lymphatic drainage massage, but your specialty doctor or primary care physician may specifically recommend it when;

  • You're recovering from cold and flu
  • Recovering from a surgical procedure, both cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures
  • Recovering from intense exercise or competition and when
  • You wish to reduce stress and fatigue

Find a few more instances when a well-executed lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore at can help you here;

How does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage help your Body?

To understand the beneficial effects that lymphatic drainage massage leaves on your body, it is important first to understand the lymphatic system and how it works.

Your lymphatic system's primary role is to get rid of toxins and other unwanted materials that build up in the body. To eliminate the toxins and related unwanted materials, the lymphatic system relies on lymph, the transport fluid; rich in white blood cells that help your immune system fight off infections throughout the body.

The lymph is transported through lymphatic vessels connected to the lymph nodes, where this fluid gets filtered. When your lymphatic system isn't working properly, the stagnant fluid-filled with toxins builds up in your body, thus making you prone to colds and flu.

You may also experience minor pains. In extreme cases, you may also suffer blockages, lymphedema,  and cancer. A lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore can help activate the flow of lymph throughout your body and stimulate your immune system.

For this therapy, your physiotherapist will use long but rhythmic strokes and very light pressure to stimulate the movement of lymph fluids, thus directing toxins into the rightful organs where they can be detoxified and eliminated from your body. A lymphatic drainage massage will also re-stimulate your lymphatic system's natural contractions, so all stagnant fluids are moved back into the regular lymph flow of your body.

How do you prepare for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

To get a lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore, you will basically need to book an initial consultation with your physiotherapist where they'll explain all that is involved during the therapy. Note that the consultation is part of your preparation.

During the initial consultation, you'll need to reveal if you're currently working with a specialty doctor to manage a certain illness and if you've been treated for conditions like cancer. Ideally, they'll also tell you potential effects you may need to be aware of and some of the foods, medications, nutritional supplements, or drinks you may use or need to avoid a few days before your treatment.

Here are a few things you can do when preparing for the therapy.

·         Hydrate Yourself

The primary focus in a lymphatic drainage massage is to cleanse the lymph system and relieve it of stress. Proper hydration is, therefore, necessary when getting ready for this massage therapy.

You will need to drink plenty of water to make the detoxification process easier. Usually, it is recommendable that you drink at least eight cups of water 24 hours before a lymphatic drainage massage.

Apart from helping in the detoxification process, hydrating yourself properly will also help you avoid possible post-massage illness. To check if you're well-hydrated, be sure to check your urine.

It should be clear. When drinking fluids to hydrate yourself, it would be better to stick to clean mineral-rich water only and avoid alcohol and recreational drinks.

·         Wear Loose-fitting and Comfortable Clothes

It is recommendable that you only wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes which you won't struggle to remove. Usually, you will need to undress so you can effectively benefit from this massage therapy.

If you're uncomfortable, the therapist may as well work through a sheet, but the effect won't be the same as the one you'd have received if no clothing was in between.

·         You Can Eat but Very Little

It would be better if you fast before a lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore. Now, you should drink plenty of fluids.

However, it would help if you ate very little or go to therapy on an empty stomach. Here's why, if you go into the treatment on an empty or nearly empty stomach, it will be easy to drain your lymph system in the lower organs and your abdomen.

If you're full, the drainage may not only be impacted. You may also experience some bits of discomfort, something which should not be part of the therapy.

What Happens During a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

In as much as this massage therapy may sound a bit complicated, it really isn't. Here are some of the things you can expect during a lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore;

  • Your physiotherapist won't massage areas of your body that have been treated for cancer if you've had cancer treatments before
  • The massage movements will only affect your skin
  • Your physiotherapist will also not massage infected or swollen areas

Find a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore

Do you plan to undergo surgery and would like to schedule lymphatic massage sessions in Singapore? We can help.

We have a massive team of physiotherapists who are experts at what they do. Get in touch today to schedule a quick appointment.

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