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Leading Dental Practice in New York

 Are you looking for a one-stop center that caters for your oral needs, smile, and comfort? East Village Dental Center offers comprehensive dental care incorporating the most advanced techniques and technology to enhance the effectiveness of their procedures. One such procedure is the soft tissue graft that works to conceal your tooth's exposed roots. Although it sounds like a cosmetic fix, it has quality results for your dental health. At the facility, the providers recommend  soft tissue graft in New York  to prevent a patient from losing a tooth. Schedule a consultation to determine if you are the right candidate for soft tissue graft today.

The Soft Tissue Graft Procedure

In most cases, soft tissue graft specialists recommend the procedure to help patients with exposed tooth roots from having to remove it. If you notice your tooth getting longer, this is a sign that you have receding gums and a soft tissue graft might be the best procedure for you.

During this procedure, your specialists remove a gum tissue sample from your mouth's roof. The doctors sterilize and treat this tissue sample to reduce the chances of infection or rejection from the new position. The specialists make incisions on the gum near the exposed tooth root. The already treated and sterilized sample is then used to conceal this exposed tooth root. This tissue sample is stitched into the new area, where it merges with the other tissues in the gum.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Soft Tissue Graft?

If your exposed tooth root is as a result of a receding gum line, you might be the right candidate for soft tissue graft. Receding gums are, in most cases, an indicator that there is some bone loss around the tooth area. If this condition prevails without medical attention, the tooth continues losing bone until it is too weak and falls out.

However, not all patients with a receding gum line will opt for soft tissue graft procedure, but these treatments help in reducing the chances of losing the entire tooth or other gum damage. Moreover, a soft tissue graft surgery improves your aesthetics by making your teeth look uniform.

How to Prepare For a Soft Tissue Graft Procedure?

Before recommending this procedure, the specialists perform a comprehensive diagnosis. After determining you are the right candidate for soft tissue graft, the East Village Dental Center providers outlay some basic guidelines on how to prepare for the surgery.

The specialists might tell you to request being driven home after surgery, adjust your diet, avoid eating on the date of surgery and ask any other relevant questions about the upcoming surgery. Nothing much is required in terms of preparation for a soft tissue graft surgery. The procedure is minimally invasive, hence does not require any downtime. Nevertheless, you should take a rest from the day's work.

To sum up, East Village Dental Center is a comprehensive oral health practice. The specialists use cutting-edge technology and are well-experienced in offering safe and effective dental procedures. To benefit from a soft tissue graft surgery, schedule for an appointment today through mobile or book online.

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