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Is Your Employer Give You Reimbursements For Cell-Phone?

When we are talking about working in a firm/ company, we think that we get the money for every little and big amount from the company which we expend on the business work/ purpose, apart from our salary. And this is true, that the company gives all the expenditures which are using for the business work. But on the other side, it is also that every company or firm did not give you all the expenditure for the company work. Sometimes you have to pay for it from your side. But in California, according to the law, you get every little amount from the company if you do some expends for the business work. The most important question is  Do employers must reimburse employees for work-related cell phone use in California?  Yes, the employer had to pay for the compensation for the calls which are made by you for the company work. If you do calls from your cell-phone, apart from the company’s landline or another phone, then the company has to pay for this. If you have limited call recharge in your cell-phone than you have to show them that you have limited calls recharge but still you make calls from your cell phone so that the company’s work does not stop or don’t have to face any problem to complete the task. You want compensation for this from the company, and then they have to pay for it to you.

What Employees And Employers Have To Do?

Sometimes, the employee has to face many problems while working in a firm, but still, he did the work for their family. But the company does not think about them, and then this is the phase where the situation between the employer and the employee started to go worst. While working in any firm or company or any small business, anywhere, the employer has to take care of their employees need, so they will do work with comfort and the relation between the employer and the employee is going strong and this will give them the result is good marketing of their firm/ company and good selling and producing benefits. When this is happening in a company or a firm, the employees always give respect to their employer and always do their work with full allegiance.

If your employer said you to show them the call history, which is made for his work, then you can show them every call history. This is easy for both the employer and the employee to manage their data and work. The employee can collect all the data from the service provider of the phone number. You can ask them to give you all the call summary of the last month, in just some minutes he gives you all the details of the calls which are managed by you from your cell-phone for your business purpose. And you can save the call history/ summary in any storage device or you can also take a printout of that. The printout is best for showing in your firm to your employer or your boss. So, he doesn’t have any option to neglect your request to pay for the expenditure or for the calls which you do from your cell-phone. You can also file a case against them, if the employer does not give you the compensation.

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