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Is It Wise To Remove The Cigar Band?

One very common question which many cigar smokers ask is -Whether to remove the cigar band whenever looking to smoke it?

Truth be told, it is something for you to decide. You can keep it on and smoke. Or you can simply remove it and then spark up your cigar.

However, many believe that removing the cigar band prior to smoking helps improve the overall feel and experience of the cigar. These enthusiasts consider the act as a tactile experience and regard removing the band from the cigar body better for the feel in their hand.

So Why Do Cigars Have Paper Bands?

When looking around for different cigars available, they often will feature one or two paper bands on their bodies. This is mainly done as a means to establish the status or symbol of the respective brand. It is this paper band that gives them an interesting design and distinctive appeal from their competitors.

In fact, this habit of branding cigars has been a long-standing practice.

  • In the 18thcentury, the great Catherine requested to have her cigars specially wrapped in silk-made bands just to prevent her fingers from getting stained whenever she indulged them.
  • A century later, the English aristocrats also plead to come up with a safe way to smoke their desired cigars without getting tobacco stains on their white gloves.

Arguments In Support Of Removing Cigar Bands Prior to Smoking!

 The Band Positioning…

The positioning of the band on the cigar body is crucial. If you notice it placed at the bottom of the cigar, it must be removed prior to smoking it.

 Potential Risks of Smoking Burned paper…

Some believe that if the cigar burns over the paper band while bringing smoked, it will taste like burned paper and may disrupt the smoker’s overall experience. So to properly indulge without disruptions, it is best to remove it as a preventative means.

 Etiquette Standpoint…

Another common argument in support of removing the paper band from your cigar is from the etiquette standpoint. Not removing the paper band from the cigar while smoking may be interpreted as a sign of show-off- more so if the cigar in question is an expensive one!

So, if you indulge your cigar when being in a group of other enthusiasts, then look to remove it as it signals a good smoking habits in the general eye!

Right Ways to Remove It

Typically, a special adhesive called ‘gomma’is used to keep the paper band intact on the cigar’s body. If the adhesive applied turns out to be too much, then it will likely seep into the leaf wrapper and make it difficult to remove!

When such a thing happens, the usual course of action would be to wank the wrapper off. But doing so can compromise the cigar structure and even make it unravel.

The right way to do it is to light up the cigar, indulges for a few minutes, and wait till the heat softens the adhesion attached to the paper band. This way, you can easily remove the band without damaging the cigar body.

So, what’s your desirable way to smoke a cigar - With or without the paper band? Whatever it is, be sure that is doesn’t ruin your smoking feel and experience.

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