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How You Can Excel In the Art of FPV Drone Racing

The thrill is in the chase- for all those who love to watch car races and have spent countless hours on the toughest racing games online, a new sport is on the horizon: drone racing. Previously known specifically for their use in capturing pictures and videos which could be used in and as a form of a documentary, drones are now used for special races. Drone racing in this form is called FPV or First-Person View racing, in which the players each operate and control a drone (an airborne quadcopter which is radio controlled based off the frequency of airwaves) and wear display devices on their heads, hence seeing what the camera on their drone sees. If this sounds complex, just imagine an aerial, non-life-threatening version of Formula1 racing, enhanced by Virtual Reality.

What you will need

If you want to begin competing in FPV drone races and actually do well in them, it is important to have knowledge of a few factors: you are going to need a suitable drone, to begin with. One can customize the drone as per requirement by buying parts online. A good place to start would be sites like which has several buying guides for every part required in a drone, comprehensive reviews on drone build and accessories, as well as a section on the best drones, depending on factors such as speed, range, handling, and so on.

A couple of tips to excel in the art of FPV drone racing

  • Get Trained- Train outdoors to learn and understand how to maneuver and operate the drone. Practicing on a simulator can help a lot, but it is better to go out in an open space and experience flying a drone for oneself. That way you won’t have much trouble dealing with the obstacle course in an actual race.
  • Practice, practice, and practice- It is recommended to find and join other drone racers and form a community if there isn’t one already. This helps to learn from other racers, have friendly races, and possibly come up with innovative tips and tricks  for competitive races.
  • Watch competitive races- A good idea to increase exposure and get a better idea of FPV drone racing is to watch some of these races on sports channels. You can try to pick up some of the moves used by the best racers and attempt them later. You may even time yourself based on the competitive record time and aim to get better at it.

You would love to know that there are several options available for those who want to engage in this sport. Drone Racing League, or DRL, actually pay the pilots to fly their drones, making a proper profession out of it, and even telecasts race on popular sports channels such as ESPN. Another well-known organization is MultiGP, which hosts international events, gatherings, and competitions. MultiGP does not pay pilots professionally as of now, but it offers a good and clean environment for competitive drone racers.

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