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How to Hire a Moving Service and Enjoy a Smooth Relocation to Florida?

Moving homes across the town, or state, or country, or even to the next street is complicated, which is why you will need to plan it carefully.  You might find it even more difficult if you are relocating for the first time. There can be some potential pitfalls, ranging from damage to your valuables or loss of goods during the transit.

You may think that you can save some money by trying to do the relocation job by yourself, or by hiring a couple of men.  Although that is true to some extent, you are likely to make some costly mistakes.  You could drop the TV accidentally, or discover that the truck is already full, but 1/3rdof your belongings are still piled on the sidewalk. Therefore, the DIY option might not be the right one at all.

Feel the move to Miami

Miami has the world’s spectacular sand and surf strips. People out here are more relaxed because there are no snow-storms, and they don't have to keep doing the tedious task of shovelling of snow for months. There is no need to bundle up in thick scarves and woollen hats. This Magic City has its own style of entertainment, cuisine, nightlife, diverse culture and its top-shelf tourist attractions.

Schedule the moving date

Determine when to move, before you start researching on different moving companies. Actually, summer is the best time to relocate in Miami, because the weather is pleasant.  Moreover, your kids will complete their school term, so it can be a smoothest transition. Obviously, it will be hot, but that can be managed by staying hydrated during the move, and dressing in light cotton clothes to keep cool. Make sure you apply skin-protection cream.

Book a Mover Company in advance

Summer season is popular for majority of relocations around America. The most reputable Orange Movers  get booked in advance for late spring and the summer months, so plan ahead!  You will not really want to face the nightmare that you can go through by hiring a less experienced mover. Therefore, start looking for the best movers 3 to 4 months prior to the move-in day.

  • Get quotes from 3 to 5 licensed and insured movers. Booking beforehand will help you hire the best at economical rates.
  • As you are planning to relocate in summer, the movers may charge more, so as to take advantage of the season demand. Therefore, compare quotes from different movers to gain some more room for negotiating the costs.
  • Ask all the necessary questions to ensure that you will get the expected services.
  • Book all your resources needed for the moving day, like moving blankets, boxes, packing tape in advance. As summer is an in-demand season for relocation, these supplies can be hard to get hold of.

Sort out your belongings

Packing is the best time to de-clutter, so make a list of following things –

  • Things that will go with you
  • You can donate
  • You can give your friends
  • You need to store
  • You will dispose of

Just look at the list and calculate how much time and money you save by not packing and unpacking unnecessary items.

Hire storage facility, if necessary

Sometimes while moving from an old to new location, you may require a pit-stop for temporarily storing your boxes and containers. If that is the case, then you will need to hire one of the premium moving companies in Florida  offering both moving and storage services.

Simple but vital things to consider before moving

  • Change of address- You don’t wish to miss essential bills or mails, so change your address. Make sure to check the new address twice, when you fill the forms.
  • Set up utilities- Notify the water, electric, gas, internet, cable, and phone companies about your relocation. In case, you relocate to another state or long distance, then cancel their services and set an account with the new provider in new neighbourhood.
  • Pet owners- Your pet will also move with you, so before moving day, visit the vet to ensure your pet have proper identification, certificates, current shots and tags. If it is long distance then consider motion sickness medication and portable kennel.
  • Plant lovers- If you are plant lover and desire to carry the potted plants to your new home, then few weeks prior move, move them to unbreakable pots. If you cannot move them, then give it way to friends or a botany class.

Prepare appliances for relocation

If you are taking your appliances like washer & dryer, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, etc then you will need to take some steps for transportation.

  • Empty the freezers and refrigerators to prevent odours and mould growth. Remove all the shelves and racks. Unplug and allow the unit to defrost one day before move-in day.
  • Disconnect the washer and dryer. Remove hoses and keep them inside the unit. Gas connection needs to be turned off prior to disconnecting the line.
  • Drain waterlines from refrigerators, ice-cream maker, and washer.
  • Tape electrical cords securely to avoid tangling.
  • Empty dishwasher and remove racks to pack separately. The door needs to be closed and taped.
  • Thoroughly clean the stove and turn the gas off, before detaching the line.

Pack survival kit

Carry a survival kit, because the movers may reach later. If you have to stay at the new house without shipment for a couple of days, then pack certain necessities to carry with you. It will include vital items like clothes, cash, medications, snacks, toiletries, first-aid kit. If you will need to stay for several nights, then carry blankets, pillows, and air-mattresses for everyone. Pet owners will need to carry pet food.

List of things you will need to carry

Make a list of things you will need to carry on your own. It includes flammable things like (lipstick, aerosol can, and acetone), valuable jewelry and collectibles, important documents like passport, medical records, financial statements, plants, pet accessories, and more. Gather these and place them in another room and lock it. Remember to place your survival kit along with them.

Inventory list

Inventory list is vital, because you cannot watch every item, when they get boxed or loaded.  Inventory document will assure that nothing is left behind. Compare the items with the inventory list as it gets unloaded at the new home, before you sign the delivery sheet. Never let movers rush you through the inventory process.

Be prepared for new home layout

Before movers arrive, choose the rooms where were the furniture needs to be placed. It will save you from rearranging or heavy lifting later. If the china cabinet is placed in the living area, then shifting it to the dining area will be stressful. You can use colour codes of each room and coordinate it with coloured tag on furniture pieces and boxes, so they will reach their appropriate places.

Hope these tips will allow you a smooth and enjoyable relocation experience to Florida!

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