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How to Choose the Best Tattoo Placements on Your Body?

Many ink-loving celebrities usually don’t think twice to get a tattoo. In this modern-day, people get influenced by celebrities, and after a few years, they get bored with the tattoo. Beginner always wants to keep their tattoo visible.

It will be less fun if it is done in a spot where it is less visible. There are many spots where the tattoo will look good for a beginner, like arms, wrist, foot, and hand. But choosing the tattoo for a beginner is a hard job to do.

Also, you need to know some knowledge about size and placement. Because not all designs of a tattoo will fit the areas, you want. It will look weird if you make a big tattoo on the small part of your body.

Placement and Size

Teenagers keep themselves updated through social media. After seeing their favorite artist doing some art on their body, they also get influenced and want to get one of those. Planning the first tattoo is way too difficult but as well as exciting.

But we always suggest not to get a tattoo too big or too small if it is your first time. There are many places on the body you can get a tattoo but remember it will be painful if it is your first time. That’s why to get the initial idea; you should get a tattoo that is medium in size

Always remember a tattoo with the wrong placement can give you a judgmental look. Many beginners go for a symmetrical tattoo on their wrist, which will look bad. So if you want to get a symmetrical tattoo, remember those type of tattoo does not look good on the arm, it will always look good if it is aligned with the symmetry or the center of the body.

 Still, if you are getting confused and still unable to decide where to get the first tattoo, then you should visit Thailand tattoo shops  or any other locations and ask the artist where the particular design will fit.

Choosing a Reliable Artist

At first, if you have decided on the design you want to have, you should know that many artists have certain specialists. We would recommend not go to artists who are good in all styles or an all-rounder. So if you are getting one tattoo of a particular style, you need to get the best artist  of that style. You need to do a little bit of research for the best place to get a tattoo in Thailand or from any other location.

In the best studio, the artist has their specialties like some can do the realistic tattoo, some can do the portrait, some can do traditional, etc. So you need to choose your artist wisely before getting a tattoo.

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