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Get Fit With Dor Eckstein: How This 31-Year-Old Fitness Trainer Is Making a Difference

To put it simply, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, how old you are, or where you live, physical activity and exercise is a must for everybody. Regular exercise isn’t only good for your physical health, but it can also help you improve your mental health and can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. Exercise is something that most people run away from. Despite all the benefits it provides, opting for a lifestyle that involves exercise is sometimes very hard to do.

This is exactly where Dor Eckstein comes in. As most people need a push to help them achieve the body of their dreams, Dor Eckstein provides people with the needed motivation and help to grow muscle mass, lose weight, or simply adopt a better and healthy lifestyle. He is a nutritional and training consultant who helps people achieve the goals they have in mind.

His expertise not only comes from his experience but also from his research. Having read over 4000 academic articles, he has solely focused all his life on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. He believes that any man can achieve fitness only if he has the motivation and hunger to go the extra mile. He has worked with several different clients with different wants and needs.

The Process Needed to Gain Better Fitness

Whether you want to tone and build muscle mass in the right place, lower fat percentages, and do all of it quickly,Dor Eckstein  has the needed skills and experience to do so. He follows a strict regime of methods that he believes in. Let’s take a look at the process and methods he follows to do what he does best.

●       Desire for Fitness

The very first thing that people who want to achieve fitness need to have in them is desire. Dor believes that the desire to become fit should come within you rather than doing it for someone else. So, you should have the needed willpower to start exercising, and they see it through to the end, or else you will just give up easily as you start. Dor helps his clients choose the right path and also assists them in staying on it till the very end.

●       Better Food Intake

Now that you have the right motivation to change your lifestyle, you need to focus on important parts. Every fitness trainer will tell you to completely change your eating habits once you start training. But, Dor has a proven method of meal intake that helps his client achieve maximum success. If you are in for a quick body change, Dor will not only advise you to take the best food for you, but he will also divide your meals into 2-3 parts. Eating 2-3 large meals is better than stuffing your body with food every hour.

●       Better Exercise

Any person with a few gym items can show you how to do a workout. But, what separates a good fitness trainer from an average one is the type of exercise he recommends. Dor helps his client focus on a 2-3 strength workout. If the clients can go through this strength training throughout the week, they will not feel burned out and will achieve the body of their dreams in no time.

●       Better Recovery

Last but not least, Dor also believes in the reward system. Most fitness trainers make the mistake of pushing the limits without allowing the body some time to regain strength. When it comes to strength training, better recovery plays a vital part, which is why Dor has created a system to allow the body to rest and progress.

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