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Complications Caused by a Prolapsed Pelvis

A pelvic prolapse is a disorder where the muscles that support your pelvic organs including your uterus, rectum, bladder, or vagina become loose and weak. If you have a pelvic prolapse in Midwood  you should see a prolapse specialist as soon as you can.

There are many other health issues that can be caused when you have a prolapsed pelvis including:

Problems During Sexual Intercourse

A pertinent risk associated with a pelvic prolapse is the host of issues that can affect your sex life. The pelvic muscles are very important for sexual intercourse whether you are male or female.

The most common problem is that sex can become very painful. Since the pelvic muscles are severely weakened, any force from thrusting during sex becomes very painful.

In other cases, it may lead to a lack of lubrication by the vagina since the pelvic muscles are not receiving any stimulation. This situation will also cause excruciating pain during intercourse.

Bowel Control Issues

The pelvic muscles are also crucial for controlling your bowel movements. When they become too weak, control of your bowels becomes extremely difficult.

Fecal incontinence is a possibility when you have severely weak pelvic muscles. That means that you may have either liquid or solid stool leaks or both when your pelvis prolapses.

You may also have problems having any bowel movements at all. It takes your pelvic muscles to push your stool from your rectum to outside your body and when your muscles cannot do that, the stool cannot be excreted.

Urinary continence is a more common complication of prolapsed pelvic muscles. On the other hand, it is much easier to manage urinary incontinence as you can empty your bladder before it has a chance of filling up and leaking.

Having trouble relieving your bladder of urine may lead to a urinary tract infection in some cases. A prevalent case is having a kink in your urethra which is the tube that transports urine out of your body. The kink makes it impossible to pee and may cause urinary incontinence.

Vaginal Bleeding

A rarer complication developing as a result of a prolapsed pelvis is bleeding from the vagina. That is bleeding separate from the normal monthly menstrual cycle. When your vaginal muscles become loose or weakened, they become very fragile. Therefore, any damage in the vagina is not easily rectified and easily leads to bleeding. The rate of bleeding will depend on how extensive the pelvic prolapse is. Too much vaginal bleeding can result in death if not addressed promptly.

Uterus and Cervical Protrusion

A very serious complication that can occur as a result of a prolapsed pelvis is that the uterus and cervix may protrude out of the vagina. Since the muscles that hold these parts in place are too weak, they may fall and when they do, the vagina is turned inside out.

There are serious health complications that can happen when an internal organ like the uterus is exposed. It may lead to infertility and trouble with menstruation, as well as infection.

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