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An Introduction to the Most Common Cybercrime Types

When the perpetrator uses a computer to commit an offense, the resulting offense is called cybercrime. The criminal might use the computer to gain access to the personal information of the victim. Cybercriminals also hack into computers for stealing government information, accessing confidential business data, or disabling the devices. Cybercrime can be of various types; the section below would introduce you to the most common ones among them. 

DDoS Attacks

Criminals use DDoS attacks to make online services unavailable to users and for taking down networks by overwhelming websites with excess traffic from different sources. The perpetrators create Botnets (massive networks of infected computers) by installing malware into users’ computers. Then, they hack into the infected system the moment the network goes down. 

Identity Theft 

This type of crime occurs when an individual gets access to another’s personal info and uses it for stealing funds. Identity theft also takes place when someone steals confidential information of a company or individual or takes part in health insurance or tax fraud. 


This cybercrime type often leads to online harassment. The victim keeps getting spiteful emails and online messages. Most cyberstalking cases involve the use of various social media platforms. People also use search engines and websites for intimidating others and instilling fear in them. Typically, cyber-stalkers prefer to stalk and irritate people they already know. 

Social Engineering 

When the perpetrator contacts you directly via an email posing as a customer care executive and gathers sensitive information from you, he is committing social engineering. This type of crime may also involve direct phone calls. However, here, we have mentioned social engineering through emails as this write-up is primarily about cybercrime. 

Cybercriminals engaging in this type of crime will first perform detailed research for gaining some basic information about you. They will use these facts and figures for winning your confidence. 


Criminals who carry out phishing will first send an email with malicious URLs or attachments to the potential victim. The moment the potential victim will click on the URL or download the attachment, the cybercriminal will get access to their computer or accounts. Here, it’s important to note that advancement in technology allows these cybercriminals to ensure that their emails are not sent to the spam folder. So, users must be wary of all emails coming from unknown senders. 

Illegal or Prohibited Content 

The act of sharing or distributing prohibited or inappropriate content is a crime. The act can be offensive and distressing for the recipient. Examples of such illegal content are videos featuring sexual activities, criminal activities, violent scenes, etc. The law of the land will tag you as an offender even if you share materials that advocate terrorism or child abuse/exploitation. 

Final Words

You should avoid getting involved in any of the above activities. However, if anyone accuses you of one or more of the above crimes, you must not take the matter lightly. You should contact a lawyer and seek his assistance in dealing with such allegations. There are many well-known Galveston criminal attorneys, who handle such cases. Do your research to find the best one among them. 

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