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About the visa approval letter and the travelling visa

The visa on arrival is a method of the solution for the travelers where they can take the visa on the condition when they do not have the enough time for applying the visa at the Vietnam embassy. In other words we can say that when the people want to obtain the visa they can apply the application in online and you will be getting thevisa approval letter where this document is called as the official document approved by the Vietnam immigration department allowing you to obtain the stamp on the Vietnam visa at the airport. In fact using the Vietnam visa on arrival will help you to save your processing time because it process the visa very fast and in order to obtain this Vietnam visa then you need to submit yourVietnam visa approval letter along with your original passport and this is valid for  six months.

The Vietnam visa approval letter is a certificate issued by the Vietnam immigration department and its function is that it allows its owners to board the plane on to the Vietnam and get the visa stamped in their passport upon arrival at the Vietnam airport. The following are the information that you need to provide for applying theVietnam travel visa  approval letter. They are.

  • Full name (same as like printed on the passport)
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Expect date of visit
  • Proposed arrival date
  • Passport number
  • Type of visa like 1month or 3months, Multiple entries or single entry

When you provide the above information correctly then you can get the Vietnam visa approval letter for travelling and this will be best easy method where you can get the visa in short period of time.

Need of applying the visa for Vietnam

The main reason for applying the visa for Vietnam is that the country is strictly following their rules that where they won’t allow the other country people inside without having their own passport and visa. Now this visa method is being followed by many countries so it is necessary to carry out the visa with us while travelling to the other countries and also ensure that you own a valid passport and visa approval letter to avoid the complications. If you are wishing to travel to the Vietnam country for your business purpose then apply for visa to Vietnam and then start your trip. If you are submitting the proper documents then your visa will be approved in short period time else the processing time of visa will be taking much time and this will give your lots of tension and stress at the last time, so try to submit the valid documents for verification. Most of the people will be saying Vietnam visa and the correct method of saying the viza Vietnam (Its viza and not visa)where this is proper pronunciation of the visa. Now a day’s most of the people are willing to visit to the Vietnam for the purpose of the business and having fun.

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