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7 Facts to clear all doubts about nose fillers in Singapore

In these recent times, substitutes for surgical nose jobs have become very widespread, with hundreds of patients yearly signing up for  nose fillers in Singapore. But while the technique has gained a lot of publicity, certain individuals are still having doubts and continue to be misguided about certain aspects of the treatment. In this article, we have amassed the subsequent facts on nose fillers to clear the uncertainty in the mind of the skeptics.

1. Hyaluronic acid is the core component of nose fillers.

This substance that the human body normally produces and is located mainly on the skin, teeth, and connective tissues. The main function of hyaluronic acid (HA) is to maintain the hydration and lubrication between tissues and the dermal layers. A major benefit of hyaluronic acid fillers are that they are sturdy and can be remolded which is ideal for restructuring the nose by enhancing the appearance, shape, and height. And since hyaluronic acid is present within the body, another good point about these fillers is that it can be tolerated by the body without any issues or complications.

2. Nose fillers are injectable products designed to reshape the nose.

Nose fillers can create drastic modifications to their form and structure of the nasal features by precisely injecting it into the different sides of the nose depending on the desired outcome. With the use of nose filler injections, all nose imperfections can be enhanced. By incorporating it into a particular area, nose fillers may also generate a lifting impression on the skin.

3. The entire procedure can be done in a jiffy.

Nose fillers is a non-invasive technique, the whole process can be done quickly with minimal preparations required. Usually, you will only need to attend a short assessment with the doctor, who will then decide whether the nose fillers are appropriate for you and your desires. The nose fillers are administered by a series of injections, which a trained professional performs with extreme accuracy.

The procedure is so quick that it can be done during the day during your lunch break. Also, there is no recovery period needed and shortly after the injection, patients can continue their tasks without feeling any discomfort or hassle. However, some side effects, such as a minor inflammation, can occur, but they can quickly be hidden with cosmetics and will resolve within the week.

4. Expect some discomfort during the procedure, particularly if you have low pain tolerance.

The nose fillers are delivered with super fine needles injected into the nose, so like every other injection procedure; the feeling can be characterized as comparable to ant bite —sharp and fleeting for a moment. However, depending on the patient's pain threshold, this feeling differs by person, with some becoming fully relaxed when the procedure is ongoing. But you shouldn't anticipate a discomfort you can't handle, though as topical medication such as numbing creams will be first administered before the start of the injection process.

5. Results for nose fillers can last for up to 12 months.

Compared to a surgical procedure for nose enhancement which can last a lifetime, nose fillers are not long-lasting, and a repeat procedure is necessary to preserve the effects. Nevertheless, while the effects of nose fillers are only transient, they still last for a reasonably long duration of one year. That is indeed a good compromise for individuals who do not want to undergo surgery.

Another good thing about this procedure is that unlike conventional nose jobs that need a long recovery time to recover before you can appreciate the improved nose, the effects of nose fillers can be instantly experienced. The effects of nose fillers are discreet and incremental, which lets people not even recognize that you have done any work on it. Unlike nose surgery, where the outcomes are typically very dramatic and can be shocking for certain persons.

6. Nose fillers' outcomes can be naturally reversed.

Probably one of the main selling points of nose fillers is that you can still get it reversed if you are disappointed with the outcome of the treatment. This is one of the major characteristics of hyaluronic acids that make the nose fillers an excellent choice for new and inexperienced beauty enthusiasts.

This way, patients can have a better picture of how their nose will look like after enhancement procedures and if they do not like how they look after the procedure, they can always ask the doctor to revert it by simply injecting an enzyme that dissipates the effects of the hyaluronic acid. For surgical nose jobs, this option is not feasible since the outcomes are irreversible and restoring it will entail further surgical operation.

7. Nose fillers do not cost a lot compared to a surgical nose job.

The price in Singapore for getting a nose filler is somewhere around SGD 850.  This is dependent on the brand of hyaluronic acid and can last for up to 12 months. There are also such deals if you are interested in extending the longevity of the fillers.

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