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6 Hot IoT Technologies to watch for in 2019

IoT is quite new technology for organizations and gradually many are mastering to use them to change the way organizations work. With IoT, there will be immense growth in various sectors worldwide enabling businesses to function more easily.

The technologies that IoT has to offer are immensely providing innumerable developments  in the field of security, analytics, management, networks, etc. the principles of IoT will have a very crucial impact on organizations around the world providing them with an enhanced system that has capabilities to achieve the impossible.

Below are mentioned the 6 hot IoT technologies that can bring immense change to the way organizations work.

IoT Security

In the field of security, IoT enabled devices will have the capability to offer protection against attacks, tempering, and encrypting. With the introduction of IoT in the field of security, there will be a change in the operating system backed up by sophisticated security approaches.

These devices will be equipped with top encryption levels which is hard to break in and provide other enhanced features such as impersonating things and maximum utilization of batteries by empowering them with denial of sleep attacks. These changes have the potential to bring a new wave in the organizational sector day to day activities.

IoT Device Management

Device management is always very essential in organizations to keep them updated and running. With the introduction of the IoT device management system devices will be able to automatically update in the latest firmware.

Devices will provide enhanced features such as diagnostics, reporting, cash analysis, and many more for the smooth functioning of organizations worldwide. With IoT, device management organizations will now require less supervision over their devices as they are safe no matter what the circumstances.

IoT sensors

IoT sensors are of two types which are known as manual and digital sensors. These sensors measure the range of data as per programmed to provide various information such as temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide.

Some of the IoT enabled sensors can measure vibrations and motions which is very beneficial for many applications worldwide.

IoT enabled sensors can gather information based on the particular program and also send it to other IoT enabled devices which is rewarding. A lot of the businesses are using these IoT enabled sensors  to provide an insight on predictive management at a very minimal cost.

IoT Data Analytics

Businesses by analyzing the big and small data can predict the market conditions using IoT data analytics. With the introduction of IoT enabled data analytics applications it can analyze structured and semi-structured data and bring meaningful content from them which can be used to make predictions and forecasts.

Health care data can be analyzed using IoT data analytics to look into the health of individuals and make decisions based on the results. Geographical data can also be ascertained using the IoT enabled data analytics to provide insights and know-how on a particular geographical location. These details will help to make a lot of assumptions and work on them for accuracy.

IoT Tracking and Monitoring System

Many businesses such as the construction business rely heavily on IoT systems to function their day to day operations smoothly. With the introduction of IoT tracking and monitoring system businesses can track devices using the GPS.

The GPS and radiofrequency systems can provide an insight into the property before making any advancement. Trackers can be installed at working sites to provide full-time surveillance of workers. Traffic cone  with IoT enabled systems can provide insights on working sites and keep providing data to track the workflow which is rewarding for construction businesses worldwide.

IoT Connected Factories


Many businesses worldwide are now utilizing IoT factory solutions that allow them to track data and enable a host of features that are unmatched to the traditional means. There are many successful IoT connected factory software such as Azure IoT solutions for businesses and other industrial IoT driven devices.

With IoT enabled factories the workload can be reduced by many folds due to automation in the workflow. The data regarding equipment efficiency and geographical locations of assets will provide more control to managements and offer them better security at all times.

Business owners can use IoT enabled devices for factories to remotely control them which is unmatched to any traditional methods.

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