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5 Property Problems Sellers Will Try to Hide

The house of your dreams could potentially become a living nightmare. If you fail to spot its potential problems before you sign on the dotted line, you could be stuck with an expensive property with a range of issues, which could leave you out of pocket. Don’t get caught out and read the five property problems some sellers may try to hide.

1.     A Pet Infestation

A property might look beautiful, but termites could be eating away at the inside of the walls, or rats could be lurking underneath the floorboards. The thought alone probably gives you shivers, but it could be an issue a seller does not want to disclose to a potential buyer, so must carefully review the property for a potential pest issue. Otherwise, you might have no other choice than to call Go-Forth Pest Control of Columbia  on moving in day.

2.     Leaks

A seller or real estate agent might attempt to temporarily plug a leaky faucet, ceiling, roof, or radiator, so you make an offer. Never judge a book by its cover when viewing a property and turn a faucet on and off, and carefully review the ceilings and systems for a potential leak.

3.     Foundation or Roof Issues

A foundation or roof problem could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Even if you have fallen in love with a property, you should avoid buying it if you spot major cracks in the foundation, which are incredibly expensive to repair. Take photographs to review once you return home, too.

You also should be wary of a property with mold, which you could smell in the air. Not only could this damage the property’s structure, but it can also lead to serious health issues. Go back to the drawing board until you discover a property that will not cost you a substantial amount of money in the near or distant future.

4.     Aging Systems

Always ask a seller about the age of a system, such as a water heater or HVAC. If they reply with “I don’t know,” they either don’t know much about their home or are attempting to hide a problem. Either way, this should be a red flag against the property. If you do have your heart set on the property, a home inspector can quickly and easily find out the age of the systems, so you can avoid making a big mistake.

5.     Emotional Defects

A seller doesn’t need to disclose any emotional defect regarding a property, such as if it is haunted or if a death or murder occurred within the home. Yet most buyers will want to know the history of a property before they commit to a purchase, which is why you should do your homework. Take to the internet to learn more about the property  and the neighborhood, and you could even talk to your potential neighbors to learn more about the house before you commit to a mortgage. It could prevent you from making a decision you might come to regret in the future.

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