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4 Things You Should Know About Temporary Social Security Cards

One must know the importance of a social security card to know why a temporary one is urgently needed if it happens to become expired, stolen or lost.  The social security card is a wallet-sized document with your name and your social security number on it and is given out by the Social Security Administration. Aside from being used as an identification card, the social security card can also be used to track your lifetime earnings and work history so the government can check if you are eligible for social security or retirement benefits. If any of the three happens, you may not want to go through the motions of going to the social security office, fill out forms and wait for 10 or more days for your replacement card. You can get a  temporary social security card print out   at your nearest Social Security office which is valid for a month. Below are 4 things you should know about your temporary social security card.


1.  Complete your documents

When getting a replacement for your social security card, you must have documents to prove your age and identity. You may bring a United States passport, any US State identity card, or a driver’s license to verify your identity. To confirm your age, you can submit your birth certificate. But in the absence of a copy of your birth certificate, you may bring a hospital birth record, an adoption decree or a religious record before age five. Immigrants and transfer students need to submit additional documents. Immigrants must provide proof of their immigration status while international students and exchange visitors must obtain a letter from their school or employer.

2.  Fill out the forms completely

Before you drop a visit to the Social Security office near your place, it is essential that you have completely filled out your forms. You can fill out your application form at home because it is time-consuming, then bring it to the social security office all filled up. Make sure to indicate your Social Security number when filling these application form. Look for outside resources, as much as possible, if you need more information to fill out your application form. Agents in the Social Security office may be too busy to answer all your queries in filling out your form. Bringing complete documents and fully-filled out application forms may save you time and extra visits to the social security office and you may be able to get your replacement card within the day.

3.  Ask for a temporary social security card print out

If you need your replacement card as soon as possible for reasons such as applying for a job, enrolling for college or opening a bank account, you may ask an agent for a temporary social security card printed out the same day of your application.

Replacement cards can also be applied online, and a temporary card may be printed out for you but expect it to arrive in the mail after 10 business days. The temporary social security card is only valid for 30 days and must be shredded after invalidation for your own security. You should also note that there is a limit to the number of replacement cards you can avail; three in a year and only ten in your whole life, so you better make it secure.

4.  Getting a replacement card is free

Note that application for a temporary social security card is free if you complete everything by yourself. You can hire a third party which can help you facilitate the application process in a faster and more efficient way but for a fee.

Filing for a temporary social security card may not be daunting after all, especially when you really need it to accomplish other important tasks. Keep in mind that it will not cost you a penny and will be a breeze if you organize your needs before you apply. 

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