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Sharing with each other online is different from offline

Sharing online is different from sharing offlineWhen you have something new to share with other people may be online or offline, then don’t hesitate sharing with them. Almost all people in this world will be ready to share something with other only when they think that they will be profitable by doing so. Secondly they will share something with other when they expect something back from them may be some sympathy or guidelines or helps.You can share anything and something offline only with known person or very close person. What most of the people share offline with others those facts that they feel to share with. They will never share their business tricks, their love affairs, and any other relationship with other person.But coming online people do share their business ideas and the websites, (to unknown people) from where they are earning. And we all knew why they are sharing it? They are sharing mostly to get referral and if anyone join then they can start earning referral income. Secondly they share their business websites as they knew by doing so they will get more visitors for their sites. So here what they have in mind is purely business and profit. Why go so far what we are sharing here may be at Mypage5, Facebook  or any other social Networking site is because we get paid from it. 

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