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What is Inno-Sense?

Our heart beats, but we cannot consciously control the beat of our heart. Our livers and kidneys function, but we cannot consciously control these functions. Although we can consciously control the external functions of the body, our internal functions pretty much work on their own, but the breath is different. We can consciously control it, or it will function without our conscious direction. For this reason, the breath is unique.

The Bible states that in the beginning the first breath that Adam took was provided by God. This breath of life defined the life force of Adam as being a direct descendant of Omniscience Light, or the One Light that provides the Light of Whole Understanding throughout the whole Universe. Because Adam was a direct descendant of the One Omniscient Light, he would have become, what the Bible refers to, as a Son of God.  Unfortunately, before this occurred, something occurred that interfered with this.

The Light of Omniscient is also called the Will of God. Any being that receives the Breath of Light is receiving the Will of the Father. Receiving the Will of the Father means that one must become the Son of God. Being a Son of God means that one will also become a Universal Co-Creator.

The purpose of the Breath in Free Will means to give life. This is an ability that must be perfected. The process of perfecting the Breath to give life does not occur overnight. Just as a student learning to become a doctor must spend time learning to perfect these skills, using the Breath to give life must also be perfected.

The Breath that carries Free Will is not given to every being in the Universe. This Breath carries the ability to become wholly consciously aware. Although there are many beings throughout the Universe that are conscious, the only ones that are wholly consciously aware are the ones who have received Free Will. Thus, those who have been given Free Will are Universal Royalty. The beings that have not received Free Will are servants of Royalty. Even in the Universe there is a hierarchy, but even at this, all were designed the Light.

The natural ability that comes with the first breath given to Free Will is Whole Sensory Perception. Whole sensory perception is called Inno-Sense, or the intuitive inner ability to sense Whole Truth. A wholly conscious Light Being is one who is wholly aware of the responsibility that comes with Free Will.

One that has been born with Inno-Sense must learn their connection to the Universe through whole sensory experiences. Because there is a Living Connection to the Whole Universe, Inno-Sense must learn to make choices and decisions that are in harmony with the Whole Universe by learning to "listen" with whole sensory perception. This learning process protects all of creation while the learning process is going on.

In the beginning when Inno-Sense was introduced into the world, Inno-Sense, which is defined as Adam and Eve, the ability to understand what One Whole Sense was for was interrupted. This split Inno-Sense into 5 separate body senses. Once this was done, the Light in Inno-Sense was fragmented into 5 separate body senses. Without a reference to the Whole, Whole Inno-Sense became fragmented innocence.

The breath that once linked Inno-Sense to Omniscience or Whole Understanding and our Higher Will, instead began to use the fragmented senses in the body as its source of reference. Now the breath is assigned to the body, instead of the once Grand purpose it once had.

Although the original purpose of the breath has all but been forgotten, the One Who gave us an Identity of Universal Royalty at the time of our birth has not forgotten. Perhaps it is time for us to remember as well.

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