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The Language of Inno-Sense

Death is not a condition of life. Death opposes life. Because death opposes life, it is impossible for life and death to co-exist, yet in our world they do. So, what is the problem?

Body innocence is a physical symbol of the Higher Spiritual Truth found in Inno-Sense. Any time that Inno-Sense is led into temptation in physical form, it begins to identify with body innocence. As the higher truth in Inno-Sense begins to accept the body as its identity, it will take on the paper identity that was assigned to it at birth. As innocence begins to accept the physical experience as its true identity, there will be an identity crisis that begins to occur at the body level. This identity crisis will shift the chemistry at the cellular level, and begin to close off the Higher Identity that the Child was assign at birth.

In the physical world, this process is deemed necessary to protect innocence and keep them safe from predators. It is also deemed necessary to teach physical lessons that will instill fear at the very core of the emotional body. Innocence is also expected to learn the value of money, the value respect, even if it is obviously a violation of the higher values of Inno-Sense. Innocence is also taught that their physical responsibility to their material world is greater than their Inno-Sense responsibility to their Higher Identity.

Thus, the fruits of someone's labor to gain material comforts for the body, are deemed greater than the Fruits of the Spirit. Obviously, everyone understands what the material fruits of their physical labor is, but few understand what the Fruits of the Spirit are.

The Fruits of the Spirit relate to comfort, joy, happiness, goodness, gentleness, kindness, laughter, love, peace, trust, faith, and the list goes on. These are the emotions that keep our Inno-Sense in tact. Once Inno-Sense learns to ignore the Fruits of the Spirit, it shifts into the body identity. It is here where innocence can inaptly apply comfort to the body. Is it any wonder why there is so much addiction in our world? Is it any wonder why we live in a world that seeks for monetary rewards first.

As material gain is ingrained into innocence, the Inno-Sense Identity, which is our true identity, begins to be completely reconditioned into material based understanding. The whole world is hell bent on making sure this insanity takes place, as the structure of our global society is very, very sick.

This sickness can be identifies through body sickness, war sickness, environmental sickness, economic sickness, religious sickness, racial sickness, and the list goes on. As long as Inno-Sense is being trained to accept the body identity as its reality, innocence will continue to believe the foundation of our world is established of the Fear Based Intelligence that it has been fed.

The rotten fruits of body labor necessary to uphold a material world are nothing more than bondage that has been perpetrated in order to make the people of the world slaves. Come on people....WAKE UP.

Not one more instant should anyone sit by and continue to promote a material world through the paper identity they received at birth. Not one instant more should anyone who is reading this continue to believe that there is nothing more outside of the Higher Truth that we received at birth. This Higher Truth awaits us, not independently, but collectively. The whole world deserves this. Haven't we existed in hell alone long enough? Hasn't hell been projected into our world long enough? Isn't it time to try something new outside of the political arena that the material man offers? The Universe has its OWN Political agenda. Would't it be a better idea to find out what this is?

The Call to remember is open to everyone, but it is up to the individual to consciously address their own independent body identity issues. The first step MUST be taken by the independent body identity. The Universal Plan to help us remember our Real Identity will do most of the work for us, but until we take this first step, nothing is going to happen.

The journey back to our Inno-Sense will open new avenues of Self Discovery, which will lead to the Identity that was lost. It is our Inno-Sense that will provide the Seeds to define a whole New World. The steps necessary to shift from innocence to Inno-Sense will begin to reveal a world that has been lost in time. Isn't it time to let go of the old and accept the new. Once the individual identity is so sick and tired of being sick and tired, they will begin to ask new questions. These are the questions that must be asked to begin again. Isn't it time?

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