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The Impact of Trauma on Inno-Sense

In our world, we place more emphasis on the brain than we do on the heart. This is because we trust the brain, but the heart is another matter. We do not trust our heart to reveal our truth to us. The question is why?

While the brain is an intellectual sensing organ, our heart is an innocent living memory. We brought this memory into our world to save it. But we have forgotten the message. This message of truth that we are response-able for delivering has been emotionally fragmented by body trauma and fear.
The blood that moves through the heart carries communication from all of the organs in the body. The organs are filled with memories of the past.

It is important to remember that all emotional memories stored at the mind/body level carry some kind of trauma. This is because the emotional body sorts out where an emotion should be stored, It is is a spiritual emotion, it is stored in wholeness. However, if it is a personal traumatic body memory, it is stored in the mind/body. This is because the wholeness of spirit will not accept personal emotional trauma as part of its reality. Thus, it is the heart that is stuck with attempting to manage past trauma.
Think about this; the mind/body carries thousands of scraps of useless information that circulates through the body every day. When our vision sees something external that upsets us, the heart goes into overdrive attempting to warn us of danger. But, if the trauma comes from the past, there is really no danger at all. The memory of the past is presenting a picture in the mind, which is being projected externally. Yes.....our mind is this powerful, but it is the heart that remembers.

An original traumatic memory that introduced fear into the heart, will not leave the body. Remembering that the mind is the most creative agent in the Universe, if you believe you can change the most creative agent in the Universe with positive thinking, well, it is going to take some time. First of all, before a problem can be dealt with, it must first be recognized. Most trauma occurs before the age of 5. Many of the traumatic incidences we encountered as children are forgotten, or swept aside. Yet inno-sense, or whole sensory perception, is how we sense our reality. Any trauma that upset us emotionally, psychologically, or physiologically will invite fear into the mind/body experience. It is impossible to escape this.

Once trauma has been introduced into the mind/body, the heart will begin the process of separating our senses into 5 separate body senses. This eliminates the 6th sense, which allows us access to the natural intuitive sense. It is this whole intuitive sense that connects us wholly to nature.
Nature is intuitive because it wholly relies on this natural ability. It gets along just fine without intellectualizing it. It is our intellectual interference that is the problem, not nature.

Our heart has lost its natural intuitive ability because it has learned to rely on the brain to intellectualize nature.instead of wholly sensing it. Really....what are we thinking?

The heart has not lost its inno-sense, but we have. We have exchanged whole hearted understanding for fragments of intellectual answers, which only keeps us questioning. Questions are an indication that we are not working from whole sensory perception, or heart felt Inno-Sense. Instead, we have accepted an intellectual interpretation that will always fail to offer a whole solution. Without a whole solution, more questions will always remain in our mind. Attempting to fill an emotional trauma with an intellectual solution is like using a pillow to jump start a car....pretty impossible. Yet, this is what is being done. If the people do not begin to see that all intellectual solutions are part of the original deception, they will continue to see a problem where non exists. The solution is to see that there is not a problem instead of trying to fix an illusion. Fill in the traumatic gap, as this is where the problem is. It is NOT in the body, or at the body level.

Now, it is time to restore emotional Inno-Sense to our heart by shifting how we perceive our world. The only way this is possible is by retraining the mind through miracle correction. Miracle correction shifts our mind from a fragmented intellectual solution, to a whole heart solution. Wisdom is of the heart, not the brain. The heart remembers the trauma, the brain does not. It was not fully formed or functional at the time of the trauma. Learn to listen instead of interpret what you believe you understand. Reality is not defined by the brain, it is defined in wholeness and in Love. The only place that this will occur within the body is within the heart.
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