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The 3 Tribunals-The Haunting Sound in Time

There have always been haunting sounds that come from an open gap in time. This gap was opened at the time of the separation, when a deception was introduced into the collective unconscious mind. All of the haunting sounds that give us the creeps come from personal fear. These fears often bear witness to fear of dying, fear of God, fear of being not being good enough, and when we are children there is fear of the dark, and other things that go bump in the night. 
Obviously, there has always been a gap in time, as the only reality that our world has ever known is the one with a gap in time. The problem is, this gap has opened up so far, it is threatening the existence of our world.
Just as a way was made in the day of Moses, we also are being given the means to escape time splitting in two. It is however, up to us individually as to whether or not we accept this means.

In old world time, people were dependent on their emotions and their intellect together as One to make their decisions. If someone wanted to intellectually understand something, the means to reach this information was mostly done with individual trial and error. As society has progressed, people began to look for solutions in books. These were books that other individuals wrote, which allowed others to advance through the intellectual understanding of another. Today we have the internet.
The internet houses all of the intellectual understanding that our world has accumulated in the past 6000 years. The problem with the internet is that it is not connected to the Earth. Our emotional reality is directly connected to the Earth, and there is no eartly society or nature inside of technology, or artificial intelligence.
In order to correct this problem, our global society has built a paper monetary bridge across this gap in time to compensate for the separation. In other words, even though we have learned to make a lot of money in virtual time, we still have to come back across time to where our emotions are to enjoy this money. The question is this; is this a problem?
If money is not an issue for you, the question must be asked, can money build a bridge across the gaping wound in time to connect old world emotions with the fastest way to find intellectual solutions in technology?
Time is a dimension and we are not intellectually smart enough to understand the consequences of splitting a dimension in two. For that matter, neither is science. Look it up and see what informaton you can find about the consequences of splitting a dimension in two. You will not find much, siimply because it has never been done. If it has never been done, there won't be any information on it.
Even with 6000 years of science and study, we are still emotionally living in the dark ages. This is because psychologically, it has only been in the last 100 or so years has our emotions been an area of study. This study has not included the vast majority of humanity. For this reason, along with our personal protection of our emotional beliefs, which protect our personal fears, because we do not want anyone to go stirring these fears up, we will not even explore these areas ourselves, never mind psychology. 
For this reason, we keep doing what we did in the past, which is to use our intellectual prowess to hide and protect our emotional insecurities. The way we do this is to make as much money as we can so we do not have to deal with our emotional fears. Well, guess what, money is only making the gap more difficult to cross.
Money has never produced a Living Flow. If it did, we would have emotionally connected to it, and would not need money. 
The unnatural flow that money provides has been being used as a bridge across the gaping wound that exists between our emotions and our intelligence. This gap has always existed in time. In the past, the way we held time together was an unnatural paper flow that was made in order to hide the problem. Well, the problem is no longer a crack in time. It has become a gaping wound that must be repaired. If we do not accept the means that are being offered to us as a global society, the gap will continue to split apart until time splits in two. Once this occurs, your guess is as good as mine as to what will be the outcome.
The first thing we can do as individuals is to become aware that there is indeed a problem occurring in our world, and that no matter how much money we throw at this problem, it is not going to go away. Money may be able to buy anything we believe we want to have, but it will not fix this problem. We all must become involved in the solution. This is a solution that will not only repair the gap between our emotions and the intellect, it will also close the gap that is occurring at all levels, as all of these gaps exist because of emotional misunderstanding.
A Living Bridge across time must be built. We must all accept a responsiblity for building this bridge in order to ensure the safety of our world. We are emotionally not ready to join with the intellectual understanding necessary to close this gap in time. Obviously, the space where we are storing our intellectual resources could care less if we join. However, we are more than the intellectual studies of 6000 years. We are emotional beings, and we require more time to make the emotional adjustment that will be required of us.The Parting of the Red Sea

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