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Sacred Ground and Reality

What defines Sacred Ground? The same question, but another way of asking is, what defines reality?
Can humankind redefine reality and make it "fit in" with what it wants to fit into? If this is the case, would this not be an attempt to limit the unlimited?

The separate category's that our world has attempted to make, so individuals could redefine the physical world into material property value, has failed miserably. The Universal time that has been allotted for this insane experiment is quickly coming to an end. We the people better find a way to get onto the same Universal Page, which defines higher property value, in unlimited terms. It begins with what has been recklessly redefined, misinterpreted, and misunderstood in our OWN youth.
If inno-sense can be defined as having eternal property value, it is also defined as Sacred Ground. This is the Sacred Ground that defined the Garden of Eden in the beginning. Once inno-sense had been defiled, the Sacred Ground where the Garden of Eden was located, the ones who defiled the Sacred Ground had to move out of it into an unreality of misunderstanding and misinformation.

Whereas before, the Sacred Ground yielded the unlimited understanding of the Universe, once access to the Sacred Ground had been lost people had to find a new source of property value. This false property value would supply the means to establish a so called material reality where understanding would be limited to expressing personal body advantage. This personal advantage would provide the material seeds that would define the world we live in today. Redefining the Earth to fit into false the new property value assignment, allowed the newly acquired contaminated mind set to redefine what was important. Soon enough, the Sacred Ground that housed Inno-Sense became obsolete in the mind of the people who lived in this society.

The artificially seeded materialistic world that we live in today is in direct violation of the Inno-Sense and wholeness necessary to create an unlimited society.

Our world continues to seek for what it does not understand. It is understanding that is the currency of the Universe, yet in our world we continue to seek for artificial material value. This understanding is within us. We were born with it. It is called Inno-Sense. If you ask an individual if they want riches, or the Sacred Ground that they were born on, chances are they would say they want material gain. Yet, material gain cannot afford the individual the unlimited understanding that they are entitled to. Inno-Sense must be restored to the people so their unlimited supply can be understood.

The purpose of the Universal Plan of 
One Wholeness Now is to restore Inno-Sense to the people, and thus return the people to the Sacred Ground that was so carelessly thrown away thousands of years ago. The Miracle Response happens when new questions that deal with internal understanding are asked.

It is time to find the Sacred Ground that belongs to our Inno-Sense. It is time to remember when we exchanged our eternal value for a fist full of paper.


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