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New Hope for Our World

The foundation of our world, which is the result of a desire to build a world on a foundation that began as a deception, is falling a part. The foundation of the lie that conceived our world is splitting in two. This is obvious from the 2 separate and distinct time zones that we are using in an attempt to justify the lie. What is this lie you may ask? This lie concerns the purpose of the foundation of our world. 
Whether you believe in the story of creation or the story of the evolution of the body, one of these is real, and one is not. One holds the whole truth, and the other is made up of fragments of truth that have been wrapped in a lie to disguise the truth, and then present the truth as being a lie.
The truth is, we have had a hand in designing the world as it is being portrayed to us. I must ask you, does a monkey have this ability? Can the creative intelligence of a monkey have enough authority to plant false evidence on a timeline so a whole world could be deceived? A money, or an ape, only has the conscious intention of a money or an ape. Nothing more, nothing less. This is because you cannot assign whole understanding to a living creature that is not in a conscious position to accept it.
There is a Living Flow that moves through time. It is this Living Flow that carries the Whole truth. The problem is, we have reassigned the Currency within Living Flow to a paper idol. This is the paper idol we are using to assign to the body idol that has evolved from an ape. In order to "tune in" to our Living Truth that moves through time, we must first recognize that the paper currency that we are using is not recognized by truth. The fact that our ancestors, who were Creative Beings, stole something from Heaven in order to make a body reality, must be corrected. We are hardly in a position to correct this error. In fact the other day I heard that we were the stewards for Universal money. No, we aren't. 
If we were, a monetary solution would be valid for everyone. We are stewards for Universal Truth. Money will not fix lying. In fact, in many cases, it encourages it. Money will not fix disease, paper does not understand how to fix this problem. You cannot throw money at someone who is starving so they can eat it.
The problem is, if we were suddenly thrown into the Living Flow that supports whole truth, we would not understand anything. The whole world would be thrown into turmoil. For this reason, the unnatural flow that has been assigned for paper monetary flow must be undone as well. As our understanding shifts from a monetary flow to a Living Flow, we will be able to see the insanity that we once protected with our deceptive beliefs. These shifts can only be accomplished through personal value reassignments. Personal value reassignments will allow us to slowly shift into the Living Currency of New Creative Understanding. In this, the Heavens will grant us the time necessary to make our personal value reassignments. Heaven has also provided our world with the means to make this shift. These means are called miracles.
We live in a world that where everyone is level confused in their mind. We have taken aspects of reality and used these to incorporate them into the lie, which we then attempt to understand and explain with brain analysis. Are you kidding me? The brain is not creative. If it was, would it die? The brain does what it was programmed to do, analyze and store information in the body. This is not truth, it is a fragment of the truth that we are now being given access to, but our brain must be re-educated in where to find truth because it is not in the body. The body carries level confusion. The body is not unlimited, and it does not understand anything. Any value it has, we have assigned this value.
This is a lie that has been passed on from generation to generation, and the lie just keeps getting bigger. The gaps in the foundation of our world because of this lie cannot sustain it. The time that supported our world is going to collapse because there are too many lies that have been assigned to truth.
Truth DOES NOT and WILL NOT reveal itself in a lie, even a little white one is as bad as a big fat black one. The whole lying foundation that our world is sitting on cannot carry the integrity of the value that we want to preserve for future generations.
It is obvious the political leaders, the media, the pharmaceuticals, science, along with anyone else support the lie, are not going to fix this problem. 
The truth solution is up to the people to introduce because we can. We have been given the means. Everything we individually need to witness to our OWN truth is available. The problem is, all we do not understand how to find this truth.

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