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False Inner Identities

When a baby is born, they are full of Light. This Light is whole and complete. This Light is called Inno-sense. It is called this because their senses have not been contaminated with frames of reference that interfere with their Light.
As babies begin to learn lessons taught in this world, the Light in Inno-sense begins to fragment into 5 separate body senses, with each fragment being torn from the whole to understand and sense a world that is so bizarre, if it were not believed in and supported by the whole world, it would be impossible to fathom from a Whole Light or Inno-Scent perspective.
By fragmenting the Light, our Self has separated from Whole Love, or the Light in the Universal Mind and fragmented into separate identities. These are identities we hear in our mind, which can be referred to as mind chatter. None of these separate identities are wholly real, but each one carries a fragment of truth. If not for this fragment, we would not consciously listen to them at all.

This separation, or identity fragmentation, has been going on for thousands of years. For the people who have experienced this bizarre shift, this process was so gradual, it was recognized as a past upset. It was the past upset that introduced the unnatural fragmentation of our Light into separate internal body identities. It never dawned in our mind that this was what was going on when a past upset occurred. Just once step away from whole truth in our mind began a process of making another identity. This identity would become the ego.

The ego surrounds the fragmented Light with shadows of the past, making it seemingly impossible to rejoin with Whole Light. Consciously, because we are unaware of this shift, and because we made this new identity, we begin to listen to it as if it carried information that was helpful. This could not be further from the truth. The truth is buried inside of this false identity that we have accepted as being real. This false identity does not understand anything, as its sole purpose is to keep the original upset alive in our mind so it remains in control. If it does not keep the upset alive, this identity will no longer exist. Yes, your Inno-Sense is this powerful.

The darkness that the false identity, or ego, keeps our fragment of Inno-Sense surrounded by is associated with a body sense that is not a sense at all. This is a non-sense called fear. The way to shine whole Light into the darkness of fear is to relinquish it and accept a Higher Solution. This solution is called a miracle. Once the Light Fragment of Inno-Sense has rejoined with Whole Light, or Ominscience, the nightmare is over. With no reference to the body non-sense called fear, the false identity ceases to exist. Although miracles are the Light that shine the darkness away, learning this process takes time to learn.  

What is being dealt with here is an Omniscience Light Factor, a fragment of Omniscience, or Inno-Sense that has separated from wholeness or Omni Presence, a non sense identity or shadow that has surrounded our Inno-Sense or inner Truth with darkness. There is also the guilt factor, which exists because of the separation. Guilt keeps us tied to an emotion that does not exist at all in reality. This guilt is part of a global deception that continues to haunt us and our world in ways that will make the hairs on the back of the neck stand up.

We are not living in an easy time. We have all come here to begin the process of undoing this travesty perpetrated against, not only our Inno-Sense, but Inno-Sense that belongs to the Omniscient Mind.. Because so much of our Real Identity has been hiding, we must make a conscious effort to return to Heaven what belongs to Heaven.

The false identities that we have made, we are response-able for recognizing. Without our recognition of these false identities, or ego, nothing can be done. Because we are consciously agreeing with these false identities, we can also learn to consciously agree that these false identities are NOT in our own best interest.
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