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Being Saved From Guilt

Guilt is not something we were born with. We were born with Inno-Sense. In this world, guilt is the opposite of Inno-Sense, but in truth, there is no opposite to Inno-Sense, except that guilt was made up to protect against this truth.

Guilt is what we learn through behavior that is not appropriate from someone else who has learned guilt through behavior that was thought to be inappropriate from someone else who learned guilt. What kind of insanity is this?

In reality, guilt does not exist. In other words, if an individual attempts to take their guilt outside of the linear time zone that has been designed to hold guilt as a reality, this guilty idea is ignored because it HAS NO truth connected to it. Thus, if an individual looks to be punished, or to find a way for someone else to be punished, what they are asking for is virtually impossible in higher realms.

Looking at this from another perspective, the ego wants to punish, and wants to be punished. The ego was born out of the insane idea that it was possible to be guilty instead of innocent. So, as a society, we can continue to persecute the guilty ego, or we can find the reason why we turned over our Inno-Sense to guilt for persecution, or punishment. 

Make no mistake, if you are looking through guilty eyes, if you are not guilty, then someone else is. The punishment for guilt is always ego persecution. The will demand this. As long as the individual consciously agrees with the ego, Inno-Sense will hide in darkness.

I have been a witness to this over and over. The ego will attempt to keep its guilt by pronouncing that someone has to pay for their so called crime. It knows that without the false sensation of body fear, which is brought about by guilt, it would no long exist. As long as the individual is consciously deceived into continuing to believe this non-sense is how long the individual will stay trapped in their own private hell.

Restoring the dignity of Inno-Sense to the individual means that the individual must be willing to go back to the exact instant when they invested in and accepted guilt over their Inno-Sense. The reason people do not do this is because the ego is very deceptive. I have witnessed the deceptions of the ego while attempting to help someone restore their Inno-Sense. If I ask them a specific question, which would lead to the time when their Inno-Sense was exchanged for guilt, the ego will find a way to dodge the question. In an attempt to make an ally through me, the ego will show me the reason that guilt is real. Yet, how can there be a reason for guilt if it is not real?

Make no mistake; the ego does not want you to consciously discover your Inno-Sense that has been buried inside of your guilt, or to see Inno-Sense in anyone else. If it did, it knows that this would be its end.

The reason that unburying our Inno-Sense is fearful is because the ego is fearful. If you feel fear, this is of the ego, not your Inno-Sense. Inno-Sense is not naturally fearful, although body fear is an unnatural occurrence that stems from guilt.

For a long time, I did not believe that there was anyway out of the unhappy mess that was referred to as my life, until I began to unbury my Inno-Sense. Up until now, this has been the road less taken, but for me it has made all the difference.

Several years ago, I was given the inner vision to see the machinations of the ego. How it works, what it does to deceive, how it blames, and how it controls individuals. When I am in a session with someone, I use this Gift that I have been given to help restore the individual Inno-Sense. I know when the ego is lying, and the ego knows. This scares the hell out of the ego, as it knows I am going to expose its lies, and restore Inno-Sense. Make no doubt about it; when the individual is ready, the ego is afraid because it knows its control over you is about to be shaken.

I am an advocate for your Inno-Sense. I am an advocate for global Inno-Sense. It is through releasing your Inno-Sense that the world will be saved. This is the only Plan for the Salvation of the world that will work. By releasing your Inno-Sense, you release the whole world from guilt.

Until you, the individual, recognizes that you are the victim of a guilty illusion that uses guilty behavior learned in the past to consciously control you, I will continue to speak these words of truth. Until your Inno-Sense is released, the world will continue to be governed by a guilty lie. Choose again.
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