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Attracting lovers who cause you pain? These words are for you!

If, for some strange reason, you have or still keep attracting lovers who only end up causing you pain, today’s words are for you.

Each person in your life is sent there for your benefit and to teach you a lesson. The lesson could be how to trust yourself. The lesson could be that you are loved. The lesson could be to heal a wound from your past, or perhaps the lesson could be forgiveness.

Now, think about this. If someone is sent into your life to teach you forgiveness, how else could you learn the lesson of forgiveness than by being betrayed or let down by someone you care for deeply? Or, if the lesson is to teach you how to trust yourself, then how else could you learn except by getting into a relationship where you KNEW from the beginning that is wasn’t good for you, but you proceeded anyway.

Some lessons come bearing pain; others come bearing great pleasure and reward. YOUR task is to see the people who are coming in and out of your life from a larger perspective and ask yourself what you are learning from each person.

YOU have consciously or unconsciously chosen who the people are that are in your life. As a result, you are either consciously or unconsciously signing up for a lesson from each person you allow into your life experience. If you keep choosing people to fill your life experience that you know deep down aren’t healthy for you, but that being with them is better than being alone, then you are signing up for a painful lesson, AGAIN, about how to trust yourself.

You will keep attracting people into your life who leave that painful aftertaste until you start to trust yourself. Then, slowly but surely, your life will begin to change.

When you trust yourself and demand more of The Uni-verse, your attraction point changes and the people in your life change as a result.

If you want to attract that loving person, then ask more from the Uni-verse. Embrace being alone. Accept that it will happen in perfect time, but not necessarily on YOUR schedule. Forgive past lovers, for they have only come bearing the gift of a lesson. When you forgive, you create more room in your life for BIG LOVE.

Feel the pain, but then step back and see the lesson. Next time, learn from the past and make a new choice.

You are the creator of your life with the choices you make. Do you want to keep making the same mistake, or are you ready to graduate and experience BIG LOVE in your life? The choice is yours – make it consciously, and make it TODAY!

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