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How Can You Overcome And Stop Jealousy In A Relationship?

If you are currently in a state where you fell really jealous of your partner, then this article may help you out. Jealousy is a big monster which can quickly destroy an otherwise great relationship. So how can you overcome and stop jealousy in a relationship? Well, let me try to answer this:

First of all, the thing I want you to understand is that these jealousy feelings are NORMAL and UNDERSTANDABLE especially if you have had a bad history and experience with a cheating partner. So I don't want you to feel like you're wrong for feeling this way, especially if you think you've found a good partner. Don't sabotage a good thing because of a natural reaction to something traumatizing. And that's something a lot of people who've been cheated on disregard - that is a traumatizing experience. It just is. I know this because I've been cheated on too. It makes you question your self-worth, your self-esteem goes down, you become slightly depressed and yes... anxious and suspicious of seemingly everyone. Traumatizing events cause trauma. And unfortunately, in 99% of the cases, people tend to fend for themselves and try to get through it without guidance or professional help. Which, that's fine, but we have to understand our circumstances.

The good news for you is that things don't stay this way forever. In fact, not even close to forever. When I started my first relationship after being cheated on, I literally was struggling with almost everything. Anytime my partner had any sort of social interaction, I became anxious. Anytime she didn't answer a call the first time, I'd run through the worst possible scenarios in my head. But these were simply consequences of the trauma I'd been through.

How can you overcome and stop jealousy in a relationship? Ok, let's go back to the point of not sabotaging your relationship. What I mean there, is that at this point, you are your biggest enemy. You feel out of control, and that scares you. Always try to look what happened last time you weren't in control - you got hurt worse than you ever have before. But what's great is that we have to realize if WE are our biggest enemy, then WE have the power to right the ship. And it's all about understanding WHY we are reacting a certain way and righting the ship. Understanding that our fears are much more INTERNAL than EXTERNAL gives us control. Your boyfriend is training a hot girl at work and that bothers you. Make sure you remember why. It's not his fault, he's never given you reason to have fear in this situation. YOUR PAST gives you reason to fear it. Remind yourself of that whenever you're feeling those anxious thoughts. It's just in your head.

And then I would say what helped me the most was to be open about those feelings with my girlfriend. The best way to battle through a rough past is with someone by your side who understands and can empathize with you. Be honest about things like this, and tell your partner why it bothers you when the do the things that makes you jealous. Ask them for help and consideration in times like that. Trust me, if guys like anything more than you know what... it's to be needed by their girlfriend. Give him some say in how you get through this, and if he's a good guy, he'll rise to the occasion.

Do you want to stop your jealousy for good? If yes, then I have more help for you! On the next page you’ll find 7 powerful tips on how to stop jealousy in a relationship:

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