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On Completing Your Look With The Right Jewelry

From 3000 B.C to the 21st century, jewelries have right been there and has particularly been a girl's best friend. From attractive pendants to magnificent necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and armlets, jewelry designers have the right thing for all to offer. And jewelries need not to be hard on the pocket and made from expensive materials every time. Artisans residing in the remotest part of India have the talent to create state-of-the-art pieces from the simplest things imaginable. Find fashion jewelry stores online to find your pick. Here are some glimpses to help you get started.

fashion jewelery

Golden Springs Earrings

The burnished tan hue of the earring gets balanced with transparent-whitish sphere-shaped beads. Overall, this is a simple, elegant earring that makes a statement. Both of the shades that the earring comes with are versatile. So, you can wear it with just about any type of accessory. Munni, a resident pf the remote Sisota village in the province of UP, India is the creator of this very feminine piece of art.

Golden Taj Bracelet

This beautiful set can go with the Golden Springs earrings. The set comprises of three bracelets, each having a distinct personality. When the trio of mysterious black, bold blue and subtle cream comes together, you can witness the creation of absolute poetry in the veil of creativity. Wear it to mix and match with just about any outfit. The set of jewelry is the brainchild of Atish Khan, who lives in the Badaut village of the province of UP, India, and comes from a family of artisans.

Golden Intrigue

Here’s a jewelry that completes your ‘golden’ look. The province of Rajasthan in India is rich for her royal heritage and this piece draws inspiration from traditional Rajasthani artwork. Yet, it does not compromise on its contemporary charm. It is perfect for a career woman who needs to attend a party or an event just after the office hours. Again, when you are in a mood for partying hard, then just pair it with your favorite strapless dress, or with square neckline dresses, or anything having scooped neckline, off-shoulder, V-necked neckline and sweetheart neckline. While wearing, do not forget to appreciate the artistry of Shakib Bhai, the creator who lives at Bhirwara Village, in UP, India. Shakib specializes in working with glass beads (locally called poth).

Dolce Rosa

Not many fashion jewelry stores online can provide you with such a unique piece. Pink, the color of youth is here balanced with golden hues, which is a shade links ancient ways of life with modern era. With just 4 cylindrical and 2 roundish beads, this ultra feminine necklace is suitable for a chirpy girl of 7 year to a beauty celebrating her 70th birthday. Any one, having a youthful mind can be a perfect wearer of this beauty. Wear it with a dress having either of square neckline, Cowl neckline, Turtle neckline, boat neckline. Yashpal, a resident of Chiroli Bhagwantpur village in UP, India has created it for you.

Magenta Beaded Earring

This perky and vibrant earring is a good match for the Dolce Rosa necklace, but you can also wear it individually. Look at it and wonder how a lesser known-craftsman, almost unknown to up-to-the-minute ways of styling, can capture the essence of fashion so effortlessly! The piece of beauty is an artistic endeavor of Suraj Mal, who lives in a small village, which is situated some 120 kms away from Lucknow, the capital city of the Indian province Uttar Pradesh. Suraj has inherited his creativity from his grandfather, and has been honing his jewelry making skills more than two decades.

About The Seller

BanyanCraft is an Indian online shop that aims at reaching the artistic skills of fellow Indians (many of them are highly under- privileged, however) to art connoisseurs all over the world. A portion of the profit earned by selling their creations goes for different social development projects. So profit and charity goes hand in hand with this organization.

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