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The reason I have decided to dip into wifi hacking is because few months ago my wifi was hacked by an unknown "neighbor-hacker". As I live in an apartment, it is hard for me to catch the hacker, because there are many apartments in my building. So I have decided to learn few things and try few things in order to protect myself from future attacks. The easiest password to hack is the one based on WEP encryption. No matter which words or symbols you are using with this specific encryption, it is still easy to hack. Probably the variation of different symbols will slow down the process of hacking, but eventually it will be achieved. The safest encryption to use is WPA . It is extremely hard to hack if a complicate and correct combination of symbols, words and letters are used. In order to start actually hacking we need some hacking tools.

Hacking Tools- Applications for Macbook

·       Kismac

·       Aircrack-ng

Kismac is an application that can be downloaded for free. The application, itself is extremely easy to use but the process might take many hours to complete successfully. if you are impatient like me, then you need a second tool called Aircrack-ng.

What you need to do

1.     Download Kismac

2.     Install the program

3.     Run the program

4.     Once application is open press the tab Kismac 0.0.3

5.     Choose preferences

6.     Press and choose driver

7.     Select 1-10 channels, and from the Dump Filter section choose "keep everything"

8.     Close the Preferences window

9.     Press Start Scan

10.   Wait couple minutes and let the application sniff around to find all available wifi signals

11.   In search category, choose "encryption" category and type WEP. It will separate WPA from WEP.

12.   Choose the network you wish to hack by double clicking on it

13.   Now we need to separate the network and focus on data we are receiving.

14.   There are 2 things to notice. The channel of the network and the number of IV files we are receiving.

15.   Choose the same channel (main channel) of the network you are trying to hack, as it is shown on the picture, to start focusing only on a specific signal.

16.   Now you need to wait for couple hours and let application to gather IV files. You need more than 200.000 for successful hacking via Kismac.

17.   Press Network - Crack - Weak Scheduling Attack - against both. 

Personally I always begin trying with 100.000 IV files. And it seems the fastest way to do it is to use the hacking tool I mentioned above Aircrack-ng 


Using aircrack-ng in Terminal is a bit difficult for those who has no experience in working with Terminal. But it is much faster to crack wep via this tool.What you need:

1.     Xcode (can be found in CD you received with your MAC)

2.     Download MacPorts (follow these steps)

3.     Download the aircrack-ng for mac into download folder

4.     Open terminal and type

cd Downloads 

sudo port install aircrack-ng 

Typeyour password press enter andits ready

How to combine Kismac with Aircrack-ng·       Let kismac run and gather IV files, you also need to write down the essid (network identifier) of the network you wish to hack, it looks like 00:15:AB:24:00 ..... .Once you have 70.000-80.000 you can use aircrack-ng·       Kismac, when running and sniffing the network, usually saves all data on your Machine. It can be located easily. Press Finder - Macbook and you will find files with name "DumpLog"·     

  Open your terminal, type and press enter

Aircrack-ng -e (essid) /Users/MacBookPro/DumpLog\ ..-..-..\

Aircrack-ng is tool

-e (essid) exmp 00:1B:23:04:05 is network identifier

Users/MacBookPro/DumpLog\ ..-..-..\ ..:.. is file that kismac is saving with IV files.

 The hacking process might take few minutes. if the number of IV files is not enough the terminal with ask you to try with more files. If you run kismac at the same time you do not need to do anything else. Kismac will gather the IV Files and aircrack will test them automatically after each 5.000 files and will post the result. Once the password is hacked the aircrack will show it to you in terminal and will stop trying.

Correct password

When choosing the encryption always prefer WPA. Make sure your password consists of letter,symbol,cap letter and number. WPA hacking method is based on testing words from special dictionary, so if for example you have as password a word - matrix- it will be found easily but if you have password -Matrix$43-Us@0- it is practically impossible to hack with the dictionary method (which is the only method known so far).


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