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Appetizer Skewer Recipes


Appetizer Skewer Recipes



When talking about appetizers, I cannot help but to think about various Appetizer Skewer Recipes. If we say "Skewers," we oftentimes think about different types of meat that is placed on a stick and cooked on a grill. However, for the purpose of being an appetizer, the skewer may include various fruits and vegetables. If you are in need of a very good, easy to prepare, and presentable appetizer on the center of your table, an appetizer skewer is a perfect choice.


Skewer comes from a variety of colors, materials, and lengths. The usual materials that are used in appetizer skewer recipes are wood and metal skewers. For the length, the normal is about six to eight inches so it will perfectly fit the food and for the convenience in handling.


Vegetable skewers are one of the best easy appetizer recipes that you can serve for your guests. Aside from being a healthy appetizer, it also has another purpose. This kind of appetizer can also be a décor on the food table. You just need to be extra creative and able to use various techniques and tools (such as cookie cutters) to create an edible, appetizing, and stunning skewer that will surely grab the attention of everybody.


This recipe is also considered as one of the easy party appetizers because as you use different vegetables as an edible decoration, it also becomes so colorful and wonderful. The vegetables to be used can be selected according to your own imagination, style and the time of year. Different appetizer dips can also be added on the table to add a dazzling savor. I am going to share this artistic and magnificent Vegetable Bouquet that can be used as a highlight on the dining table.


Appetizer Skewer Recipes


Vegetable Bouquet Recipe




  • Radish
  • Lettuce leaves
  • Spinach leaves
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Black olives
  • Bamboo Skewers


First, we have to prepare the vegetables by taking away the brown spots on them.


For the radishes, cut a hole in the middle part of the vegetable. Cut down the sides of the radish with just 3/4 of it being cut down. This will allow it to open up. Cut some olives in half and place it on the hollow part of the radish (the center). Grab some spinach leaves and skew them on the bamboo skewers. Push the bamboo skewer to the bottom of the radish rose.


Let’s go to the preparation of the broccoli. To start with, just skew some lettuce (light-colored lettuce leaves are recommended). You can use numerous lettuce leaves to perfectly blend with the color of the broccoli. Afterwards, you can push the bamboo skewer on the bottom of the broccoli flower.


For the cauliflower, use a knife to cut a deep area on top of the floret. Place some sliced olive to the hollow area. Skew some lettuce, as well as spinach leaves, on the bamboo skewer. Push the bamboo skewer on the bottom of the prepared cauliflower.


For the preparation of the carrots, slice the carrot with a vegetable knife. Create three carrot curls from one end to another. Insert each curl to the center of the one before. Skew some pieces of lettuce leaves to the bamboo skewer. Skew the center of the carrot curl and it will act as the base. Roll a lettuce into cone shape (form at least 1-inch high) Pleat the lowermost of the cone and put it to the skewer. Place the carrot curl flower to the lettuce cone. You can also add a black olive to the center top of the carrot curl.


Now, it is time to create some accent to our vegetable bouquet. We can do this by adding varieties of vegetables of your choice such as tomatoes, more black olives, celery and baby carrot. Just skew them over the bamboo skewer to add some beautification to the bouquet.


Arrange the vegetable flowers into a vase. Arrange them according to your style. Add the accent pieces that you also prepared and for the empty areas, you can place some parsley sprigs.


Appetizer Skewer Recipe Video


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