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What Is A Home Solar Panel System?

A home solar panel system is a highly technical, new way to power all of the devices in a house.  The technology isn't brand new, as it has been used for close to thirty years in regions of the country. However, with more research being done, the technology is being used in many areas around the country and not just ones where the sun shines all of the time. Home solar panel systems can be set up in the Midwest, the north and even places out on the east coast. If a customer wants to invest in solar technology, they can, no matter where they live.

A home solar panel system is installed by professionals who are trained on correct placement of the system. The location of the panels is usually on a roof or side of the house that faces the south, where the most sun exposure is. Depending on how large the house is or how many devices need to be powered will determine how many panels need to be installed. The more panels there are, the higher the initial expense will be. But the more panels that are installed, the more solar energy there is to be collected and stored in to the grid system which is also built in to the house.

The solar panels are installed and then wires and technology divert the sun's rays from the panel in to a grid which is built in to the house. The grid is a unit where the power is stored and then directed to the places in your house that require it. A grid can simply replace the circuit box in a house that is powered by electricity since it does about the same thing. As many or as few devices can be "plugged" in to it as you require. The appliances, the light system, the air conditioning unit, the TVs - anything with a plug is plugged in to the outlets like normal, the only difference is that solar energy is converted to turn them on and keep them running instead of electricity from a factory.

A home solar panel system doesn't need any maintenance until the system has begun to age and if a panel or a piece of the grid wears out. Then you would simply replace the part or the panel that is broken and the rest of your system is still in place.

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