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Pictures of fall leaves taken with my cell phone while driving in the car

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

And the photostory is: I was driving through a local neighbourhood and I was impressed by the number of leaves on the ground. So I decided to snap some pictures. Don't worry... No cars were harmed in the taking of these shots - I slowed down and, in most cases, I even came to a complete stop before using my camera phone.

Now I just need to get a real camera. Although I kind of like how the phone wonked out that last shot. The perspective is so out-of-whack it's kind of cool. I also like the quality of the light in the shots... I think it looks the way it does because the sun was filtered by the coloured leaves on the trees and - as an added bonus- because the camera phone blurs the image slightly with any movement. I like how they turned out.

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