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Weekly Tarot Reading – June 23 through June 29, 2014

Thanks for reading the first installment of my weekly tarot reading. With this reading, I hope to provide you with a clear and concise summary of the energies that we can expect to feel this week.

The solstice on Saturday threw me for a loop. It was very powerful, which was what I was expecting, but I was surprised that it was such a heavy sort of power. It certainly brought up a lot of gunk in myself that I need to process, transmute and just get rid of. The beginning of the week still feels fairly heavy to myself, but I see greater opportunities for healing later in the week to balance it out.

Keep in mind, that energy is static, and while there is a flow to it, there is no defined order to it. You may sense these energies in a different order or at a different magnitude than others. However, ALL are beneficial – whatever you experience is exactly what you need; resonance draws the energy to where it needs to be. Specific days are placed beside the cards for reference only.

Monday – Six of Bows – Abundance

6 Bows give head to a blazing fire, the forest and harvest bounties encircle the scene. One can associate this with the wheel of life. This card is associated with the summer season, moving into fall, and all the blessings it brings. Our personal bounty is determined by the actions and beliefs that we have now. The Summer Solstice (which I feel is indicated by the fire in the center for this particular reading) is a powerful time – infusing everything with energy. When we consciously work with this energy, we are ensured a great harvest later on. The solstice was on Saturday, but you can still use the potent energies to help infuse your intentions for what you want to harvest in the fall. Plan out, write down and get specific about your intentions and what you want to achieve – then start living your life to reflect those intentions in the best ways you can.

Tuesday – Knight of Bows – Fox

Blending with the energies of the 6 of Bows, the Fox here reminds us to not get too serious about our intentions. It’s important to NOT stress or fret about doing (or not doing) what it is you want. Get playful and have fun with it. If you’re feeling stuck stop trying and do something fun. Play with your dog, cat, bird, fish, whatever. Take time to play with a younger friend or relative. Most times the best inspiration comes when we’re loose and letting go, and not actively striving for it.

Wednesday – The Forest Lovers

A major arcana card, we can feel and see the direct effects of pure and unconditional Love today. It is this that is reflected in the Forest Lovers depicted on the card. The couple is bound to each other, while their other hand is directed back at their heart center. To me, this is proposing that while we still have a responsibility to Love those we are bound to, we also have a much greater responsibility to Love ourselves. It is through loving ourselves that we are able to recognize the Love that others send our way, and to reciprocate that love. If you find yourself in conflict or are feeling friction today in relationships, take a look at yourself first to see if there is a part of you that is not completely healed in regards to the situation. If you find something, send it Love and tell yourself that you have and always will be doing the best that you can in each and every situation you find yourself in.

Thursday – The Seer

Another major arcana card, this is one aspect which embodies the Divine Feminine. We go inside today and we dive deep. The Seer here can also represent a shaman or medicine woman. If the Forest Lovers brought up tension or conflict for you, the Seer helps us get to the source of it within ourselves and then allows us to nurture that part of ourSelf with great Love, and helps us to know that we are loved, and we are safe. When we fully Love that part of us that we had previously felt was broken, or damaged, we are one step closer to remembering our Wholeness.

Friday – 5 of Bows – Empowerment (Reversed)

With each step towards wholeness we become more and more empowered. That is, we become more and more of our true Selves. And our true Selves are that of Divine Beings, we have just forgotten this. When we start to accept all of ourselves, we know who we are. By accepting the hard times and surrendering to the flow of Life to get through them, we are strengthened. We know that our outside circumstances don’t get to dictate our decisions. We know that with a clear head and firm footing, we are able to get through anything. Allow yourself to heal, and allow yourself to be strong in who you are, and maintain a clear head – it’s best to not let your emotions take over too much today. That being said, I wholeheartedly believe that our emotions are what empower us the most. We can find joy in even the negative emotions when we are able to recognize them and let those emotions show us what it is in our lives that we do not desire and want to move away from. We want to recognize and acknowledge them, but we do not want disheartenment, frustration, or rage to dictate our decision making. On the opposite spectrum, we do not necessarily want to make decisions from an overly enthusiastic, optimistic, or sympathetic state of being. We want to be grounded and in touch with our needs, as well as maintaining a calm, balanced mental state. When we do this, we can get a glimpse of just how powerful we truly are.

Saturday – 7 of Arrows – Insecurity

With each step we take toward expansion we also invite feelings of insecurity. This is normal and natural, as when we do something we have never done before we are inclined towards fear. This is old programming, old belief systems that no longer serves. When we give in to this belief, we are stung by our own mental arrows that prevent us from reaching our full potential, in all its glory. Keeping the theme from yesterday we stay strong – grounded and in tune with the Earth, knowing She is taking care of us, and we maintain a clear mind in order to better receive inspiration from Spirit.

Sunday – 5 of Vessels – Ecstasy

Today we are encouraged to sink into our emotions. It may well have been a challenging week for many of us, as it quite often is on this path to find our True Selves, but it is always worth it. Today we can reflect on the challenges that were presented to us this week, and can revel in the bliss of knowing that they were put there to further our development, and to direct us toward where it is we truly want to be. On Wednesday, I discouraged getting in touch with emotions, but only in the sense of letting them make your decisions. Today we want to dive in and consider the emotions that rise within us. How are they serving you? We want to pay attention to the emotions that make us feel bad and what causes them, and then modify our lives to remove the causes. When we do this, we allow for more joy, bliss and ecstasy in our lives.

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